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Sheboygan Central High School 45 RPM Recording


    This is a recording, maybe done as a class project?  It is on a 45 RPM record, and is not in the best of shape.  There is kind of a rough spot at the 3:30 mark on side one, but all in all is a very interesting record. 

The first two minutes are music, but then you get to hear from the principal and the class president.  After that it goes thru football season, basketball, cheerleading, some school plays, dances, and, of course, graduation.  Pretty danged cool, if I do say so myself.

Narrated by Mark Beach, script by Harriet Goldwater, technical advisor: Mr. Robert Unger.  Click the picture(s) to play the record.  The first picture is for side one, the second for side two. Enjoy.