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 Elkhart Lake 1971 Pictorial Community Publication and Telephone/Cabin Directory 

This is a 36-page 4 x 6 pamphlet.  It looks like it was put out by an Elkhart Lake community group.  Lots and lots of old, historical pictures of Elkhart Lake and the hotels surrounding the area.  Click on the thumbnail to bring up the full-size image.

../images/1971/el1971-ofc.jpg (540539 bytes) Front Cover

../images/1971/el1971-ifc.jpg (607728 bytes) Inside Front Cover, Start of Song, "Elkhart, Dear Elkhart".  The rest of the song is on the inside of the back cover.

../images/1971/el1971-1.jpg (366427 bytes) Emergency Call Phone Numbers, Churches, 

../images/1971/el1971-2.jpg (553180 bytes) Rescue Breathing instructions, Shoreline Regulations, Boating Regulations, and Sanitary Regulations

../images/1971/el1971-3.jpg (535269 bytes) The Legend of Elkhart Lake

../images/1971/el1971-4.jpg (405642 bytes) Two maps of Elkhart Lake, one from 1875, and one from 1889

../images/1971/el1971-5.jpg (622198 bytes) Two pictures of early homes on Elkhart Lake

../images/1971/el1971-6.jpg (602839 bytes) Sharp's Resort, Sharp's Hotel, and Sheboygan Bay

../images/1971/el1971-7.jpg (603094 bytes) Two pictures of guests at Sharp's Resort

../images/1971/el1971-8.jpg (561548 bytes) Three pictures of Pine Point Resort

../images/1971/el1971-9.jpg (549504 bytes) Pictures of the Schwartz Hotel

../images/1971/el1971-10.jpg (614350 bytes) Views of Elkhart Lake from 1875

../images/1971/el1971-11.jpg (553711 bytes) Three views of the Ostoff Hotel

../images/1971/el1971-12.jpg (603663 bytes) Panoramic views of the Lake

../images/1971/el1971-13.jpg (639143 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-14.jpg (658298 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-15.jpg (602044 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-16.jpg (525433 bytes)  History of Elkhart Lake through the years, and a picture of the Train Station

../images/1971/el1971-17.jpg (610639 bytes) Villa Gottfried, the Birchwood Conservatory, and a view of the Lake

../images/1971/el1971-18.jpg (338358 bytes) Map of Elkhart Lake, 1971

../images/1971/el1971-20.jpg (198832 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-21.jpg (190142 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-22.jpg (149174 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-23.jpg (154851 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-24.jpg (149535 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-25.jpg (164412 bytes)../images/1971/el1971-26.jpg (346878 bytes) Elkhart Lake names and addresses, and a picture of the Interurban car from Sheboygan

../images/1971/el1971-27.jpg (577532 bytes) Fleck's Resort and Camp Brosius

../images/1971/el1971-28.jpg (490593 bytes) The Old Water Tower, The Central Hotel, and the Power and Light Building

../images/1971/el1971-29.jpg (592140 bytes) Two views of the Lake, looking Northeast, and Turtle Bay

../images/1971/el1971-30.jpg (494755 bytes) Steamer Hope, and Captain Schwartz's Boat Landing

../images/1971/el1971-31.jpg (462857 bytes) Three pictures of Lake Side Park

../images/1971/el1971-32.jpg (539063 bytes) Elm Park Hotel, and the North side of the Lake

../images/1971/el1971-33.jpg (345961 bytes) Aerial View of Elkhart Lake

../images/1971/el1971-34.jpg (337934 bytes) The Elkhart Lake Sailing Club

../images/1971/el1971-35.jpg (429223 bytes) A poem about Ecology

../images/1971/el1971-36.jpg (424303 bytes) Elkhart Lake Improvement Association, picture acknowledgements, and references

../images/1971/el1971-ibc.jpg (593502 bytes) Inside Back Cover, the rest of "Elkhart, Dear Elkhart"