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1977 St. Andrews Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary Yearbook Front Cover

Inside Front Cover, A Tribute to All Who Have Preceded Us, A Challenge for All Who Follow

Page 1, Sheboygan, Around the Year 1900, Another Lutheran Church is Planned, The Arrival of Rev. William E. Staehling

Page 2, Organization of St. Andrew Evangelical Lutheran Church Congregation, January 12, 1902, Busy Years for Pastor Wm. Staehling and Members

Page 3, St. Stephan's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Page 4, The Second Decade of St. Andrew, The World War 1 Years, A New Pastor

Page 5, St. Andrew's New Church Building Dedicated May 6, 1923

Page 6, The 25th -- Silver Anniversary of St. Andreew -- January 16, 1927, "My Peace I Leave With You"

Page 7, Call for an Assistant Pastor, New Activities at St. Andrew, the 50th -- Golden Anniversary of St. Andrew -- October 21, 1951

Page 8, The Parsonages, Homes of our Pastors and Families

Page 9, The Clerical Work at the Church, St. Andrew Cradle Roll, Sensitive to Our Needs

Page 10, Eventful Years 1955-1961

Page 11, The "Voice" of St. Andrew

Page 12, "How Does One Thank a Pastor?" Ministry During Interim Periods

Page 13, Four Sons of St. Andrew Congregation

Page 14, Daughter of St. Andrew Congregation

Page 15, Our St. Andrew Choirs

Page 16, Chosen People of Assistance, The Schools of St. Andrew

Page 17, The Schools of St. Andrews

Page 18, Ladies' Aid Societies of St. Andrew, The Mission Societies, The American Lutheran Church Women, Youth Groups

Page 19, Military Service, The Sick Benefit Society, The Men's Brotherhood, Other Clubs, Groups and Activities

Page 20, The Library Lounge, St. Andrew Community Participation

Page 21, A Sentimental Journey

Page 22, Picture Journal, Christmas Eve Candlelight Service December 24, 1975

Page 23, Picture Journal

Page 24, Picture Journal