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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Charles A. Born, Page 266


CHARLES A. BORN is owner and proprietor of Born's Park, one of the most beautiful and popular places of resort in the city of Sheboygan.  This place is situated between Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets, on Michigan Avenue, and occupies one block.  The location possesses points of historical interest.  Early in the '50s, Binz Bros. located thereon and erected a brewery, and also a small distillery.  The property changed hands a number of times, and had quite a varied history until it was purchased by its present owner.  The old brewery and distillery were destroyed by fire in the '70s, but the former was re-built by Thomas Schlachter, who was the owner when the fire occurred.  Mr. Schlachter was the last man who used the property as a brewery.  Mr. Born purchased the north half of the square in 1881, and the south half in 1884.  He has been fitting up and improving the property from year to year, planting trees and shrubbery, building walks, etc.  The building, which was erected for a brewery, is a large brick structure, situated on the southwest corner of the grounds, and is now used as a hall.  In 1892 Mr. Born erected a fine structure, which includes reception and entertainment rooms, the cost of which, building and furnishings, was about $13,000.  In all, he has expended about $20,000 in improvements since purchasing the property.  This beautiful park is a popular resort for picnic parties, for concerts, etc.

    Mr. Born is a native of Sheboygan County, having been born in the town of Rhine, November 21, 1851.  His father was Charles A. Born, Sr., a native of Barmen, Rhine Prussia, Germany, his birth having occurred March 28, 1819.  He was married in 1848 to Wilhelmine Koch, and in the spring of the same year, soon after his marriage, came to the United States.  He was a manufacturer by occupation, and was made president of a company which was organized for the purpose of establishing manufactories in this country, and which had sent an agent to the United States for the purpose of finding a suitable location for the establishing of business.  The agent bought land for the company in what is now the town of Rhine, Sheboygan County, and Mr. Born, Sr., accompanied by his wife, came on for the purpose of beginning operations.

    On his arrival, Mr. Born at once discovered that for obvious reasons the selection was an unsuitable one, and so reported to the company in Germany, whereupon the project of engaging in manufacturing was abandoned.  Mr. Born therefore engaged in merchandising on his own account in the town of Rhine.  He operated a general store and occupied a farm till 1854, when he removed to Sheboygan and conducted the Wisconsin House for a short time.  In 1855 he removed to Franklin, in the town of Herman, and purchased a store, and in the spring of 1857 he made a journey to his old home in Germany.  On the 13th of September, 1858, he was lost on the steamer "Austria," when on his return to the United States, and when but about three days out from New York.  An infant son died at home at about the same time the husband and father was lost.  The mother was left with two young boys, Charles A., and William F., who was about two years younger than his brother.  On August 16, 1876, while out hunting, William F. was accidentally shot and killed.  The mother's mind and physical health gave way under this series of afflictions, though she survived until 1887.  After the loss of the father, the family continued for a time in Franklin, and then removed to Illinois, where friends of the family resided, but later returned to the village of Franklin.

    In 1867 the subject of this sketch settled permanently in Sheboygan.  His education was obtained at the Mission School in the town of Herman, and at the Sheboygan High School.  Mr. Born has been for a number of years quite active in municipal affairs.  He has been an active member of the City Council for many years, and is now (1893) President of that body.  Socially, Mr. Born is prominently connected with several civic societies, as the Concordia Singing Society; the Sheboygan Arbeiter Verein; and the Sheboygan Turner Society.

    For twenty years, from 1869 to a889, Mr. Born was Captain of Company C, Second Regiment, was afterward promoted to be Major, and in 1892 was made Lieutenant-Colonel of the same regiment.  For two years, from 1889 to 1891, he was Sheboygan City's Chief of Police.  In politics, he is a Republican.

    November 9, 1887, Mr. Born was married to Miss Minnie Brauer, who was born in Mosel Township, Sheboygan County, November 21, 1851.