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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Fred W. Broer, Page 294


FRED W. BROER is Principal of the First Ward School of Sheboygan, a position he has occupied since January 9, 1893, or since the completion of the fine school building in that ward.  This one of the large schools of the city, having thirteen teachers, including the Principal.

    Mr. Broer is a native of Two Rivers, Manitowoc County, Wis., the date of his birth being January 22, 1863.  His father, Herman Broer, a native of Germany, was an early settler of that place, where he located in 1854.  His death occurred August 12, 1881.  He left two sons and a daughter, the subject of this record being the youngest of the family; Henry, of New London, is the eldest; the sister is named Minnie.  All were born in Manitowoc County.

    Fred W. received his early education in the public schools, and after a three-years course in the High School at Two Rivers began teaching.  He was then in his seventeenth year.  Having matriculated at the State Normal School, at Oshkosh, in 1883, he pursued a three-years course at that institution.

    After his graduation he accepted the principal-ship of the school at Butternut, Ashland County, Wis., which he conducted successfully for three years, at the end of the first of which he was elected County Superintendent of Ashland County.  He served in that capacity two years, and then entered the Milwaukee Normal School, from which he graduated in June, 1892.

    Hr. Broer has received thorough preparation for the profession of teaching, and at the same time has also received the discipline which is acquired by a dependence upon one's own efforts in securing an education, he having paid the expense thereby incurred by his labor in the schoolroom, having taught and attended school alternately.  He bears an excellent reputation as an educator.