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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Herbert A. Dillingham, Page 210


HERBERT A. DILLINGHAM, one of Sheboygan's dentists, engaged in the practice of his profession in this city in 1881.  Dr. Dillingham is a native of the old Bay State, having been born in Cambridge, Mass., December 13, 1861.  His father, Dr. Allan Wing Dillingham, is also a dentist by profession.  Herbert A. is an only son, there being three sisters besides in his father's family.

    It may almost be said that Dr. Dillingham inherited his profession from his father, who is a well-known and skillful dentist.  He was for a considerable time under the instruction of Henry Faville, of Milwaukee, and also of Dr. William A. Fricke, and finally again with his father.  The exact date of his coming to Sheboygan was May 31, 1881.

    In 1887, in order to obtain a more thorough knowledge of advanced methods in his profession, he pursued a course of study in the Northwestern Dental College.  During his absence his father attended to the business of his office.  The latter is now located at Long Beach, Cal.

    Dr. Dillingham is a man who is ever on the alert for improvements and advanced ideas in his work, and it is to such men that success comes.