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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Alexander Hamilton Edwards, Page 249


ALEXANDER HAMILTON EDWARDS, a pioneer well remembered by the early settlers of Sheboygan County, was born September 13, 1807, at Ft. Wayne, Ind., where his father, Dr. Abram Edwards, was Post Physician, and where his maternal grandfather, Capt. Thomas Hunt, was Commander.  Dr. Edwards resigned his position in 1810, and removed to Dayton, Ohio.  When the War of 1812 broke out, he raised a company, of which he was made Captain, and which became a part of the Nineteenth Ohio Infantry.  Through the wilderness and swamps, he marched with his company to Detroit, Mich., where he was appointed Surgeon-General, with headquarters at that place.  He was included in the surrender of Gen. Hull, but, showing his commission from the State of Ohio, instead of that from the Federal Government, he was paroled.  Had he shown the other commission he would have been sent to Quebec a prisoner.  He was a member of the Legislative Council of Michigan, of which he was President for eight years, concluding his services in that body in 1829.  The following year, being appointed by President Jackson agent to the Pottawatomie Indians, he removed to Niles, Mich.  The same year he was appointed Register of the United States Land Office, located at White Pigeon, Mich., but later removed to Kalamazoo, continuing in that office until 1849.  In the last-named city his death occurred in 1860, he being at that time in his eightieth year.

    Alexander H. Edwards, when sixteen years of age, was appointed by President Monroe to a position in the navy.  He was assigned to the ship "Washington," but in 1824 was transferred to the frigate "Constitution," and under Com. McDonough went on his famous cruise in the Mediterranean.  In 1830, after more than six years of active service, he resigned, returned to Niles, Mich., and became chief clerk to his father in the land office.  In 1840 he came to Wisconsin, but again returned to his former home.

    At White Pigeon he was married, on the 16th of April, 1832, to Miss Charlotte W. At Lee, daughter of Dr. Edwin A. At Lee, who was born at Lancaster, Pa., November 16, 1776, being the third generation removed from William At Lee, who came to America as private secretary to Lord Howe, but espoused the cause of the colonists.  His son, Judge William At Lee, was a prominent lawyer and jurist.

    Dr. At Lee, who in order of birth was the eighth child of the Judge, studied law in early life.  Having gone as a volunteer to help put down the Whiskey Insurrection, he was detailed as a guard at the headquarters of Washington.  Later he took up the study of medicine, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and from 1804 to 1829 successfully pursued his profession in Philadelphia.  His death occurred in that city March 8, 1852.  His wife died in Washington, D. C., June 23, 1866.  Her maiden name was Margaret Snyder, and she was a niece of Gov. Snyder, of Pennsylvania.  Her birth occurred May 5, 1780.  In religious faith, Dr. At Lee and wife were Friends.  Mrs. Edwards was born in Philadelphia, March 17, 1815, and when seventeen years of age went to White Pigeon, Mich., the place of her marriage.

    In 1848, Mr. Edwards came to Sheboygan, and after keeping the lighthouse for about a year, became Deputy Register of Deeds.  Later he was elected Register of Deeds.  He also held the offices of County Judge, Clerk of the Court, and Police Judge, being in official positions for about twenty years.  He was a strong Jackson Democrat, and for that hero cast his first Presidential vote.  In the Congregational Church he was an active worker, as is also his estimable wife, who still abides, making her home in Sheboygan.  Mr. Edwards was called to his final rest May 1, 1891.  The family of this worthy couple numbered twelve children, five sons and seven daughters, of whom eight are living.  George resides in the city of Sheboygan; Abram lives in New York City; Etta is the wife of A. D. Curran, of Bristol, Ill.; Ruth H. Married Roger E. Crocker, whose sketch is given on another page; Elizabeth wedded J. G. Stearnes, of New York City; Harriet W. is the wife of L. L. Vroman, of Aberdeen, S. Dak.; and Thomas H. H. makes Erlanger, Ky., his home.