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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Richard Goldschmidt, Page 210


RICHARD GOLDSCHMIDT, of the firm of A. Goldschmidt & Son, harness-makers at Sheboygan, is a son of August Goldschmidt, who was born in Saxony, Germany, January 1, 1834, where he grew to manhood and learned the trade of harness-making.  He traveled as a journeyman for a number of years.  At the age of twenty-four years, he established himself in business in Sangerhausen.  In 1858, he wedded Miss Theresa Bleiglrode.  In the spring of 1868, August Goldschmidt came to the United States, and in the fall of that year his family, consisting of wife and three children, followed the husband and father to the New World.  They settled in the village of Andes, Delaware County, N. Y., where they lived until the autumn of 1870, when they removed to Sheboygan.

    Mr. Goldschmidt, Sr., established business on the site of the present bank of Sheboygan.  He erected a building on the site now occupied by the firm in 1873, which was rebuilt by father and son in 1884.

    Of the children of August Goldschmidt and wife Theresa, three in number, that came with the parents to America, but two are living, namely:  Richard, and Martha, the wife of Francis Zunbuddel.  The youngest was Charles, who died at the age of eighteen years.  They, however, lost six children, all dying young, before the family left the old home in Germany.

    Richard, who is associated with his father, was born in Germany, March 9, 1859, in Mansfield, and was about nine years old when he came to the United States with his parents.  After coming to Sheboygan, he attended the public and parochial schools, and learned the trade of harness-making with his father.

    Mr. Goldschmidt, Jr., has been connected with the Evergreen City Guards since October 10, 1880.  In 1888, he was made Second Lieutenant of Company C, and First Lieutenant in the following year.  June 5, 1893, Mr. Goldschmidt was made Captain of the company.

    Capt. Goldschmidt is a member of various civic and social societies, including the order of Odd Fellows, Patriarchs, Ancient Order of United Workmen, and National Union.  He is a worthy man, and possesses the respect and esteem of his fellow-citizens.