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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Frederick Hoppe, Page 643


FREDERICK HOPPE.  Among the early settlers of Sheboygan County, of German origin, the subject of this sketch is deserving of favorable mention.  For many years he has been engaged in the insurance business at Sheboygan, and has also held the office of Public Administrator.  He was born in Brunswick, Germany, February 27, 1827, and is a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bewig) Hoppe.  He was reared and educated in his native country, and in 1850 was married to Miss Harriet Ahrens, a daughter of William Ahrens, also a native of Brunswick.  Mr. Hoppe's mother died in her native land.  The year of his marriage, in company with his wife and father, he emigrated to America.  The first year in the United States was spent in Monroe, Mich.; the next year they moved to Milwaukee, Wis., and from there to Sheboygan County in 1853, settling in the town of Herman.  Mr. Hoppe had been reared in the city of Brunswick, where he prepared himself as a veterinary surgeon, but he learned the trade of blacksmith and wagon-maker in the United States, as he could find little to do at his profession in a frontier country.  While a resident of Herman he was engaged, jointly, in the two occupations.

    In 1873, he was elected Sheriff of Sheboygan County, and moved to the county seat.  After serving two years in that office, he was elected County Clerk, and was twice re-elected, serving six years in that office.  Since the expiration of his last term of office, in 1883 he has been engaged in the insurance business.

    Mr. and Mrs. Hoppe's family consists of five children, two sons and three daughters:  Charles, Johnna, Bertha, Ida and Henry.  Charles married Josephine Gutsch, and after spending some time at Denver, Colo., for his health, he returned to Sheboygan and died, September 21, 1893.  Johnna is the wife of Henry Look; Bertha is the wife of Julius Kroos; Ida is the wife of A. W. Bock; and Henry wedded Matilda Hamf.  All of the children are residents of Sheboygan.

    In politics, Mr. Hoppe is a Democrat.  In addition to the offices enumerated previously, he served as Chairman of the town of Rhine, while a resident there a few years, and also served as Justice of the Peace.  Socially, he is an Odd Fellow, a member of Schiller Lodge No. 68.  He and his family are members of the German Lutheran Church.

    Mr. Hoppe has continued to make his home in Sheboygan since his election to the Sheriff's office in 1873, now twenty years.  He enjoys an extended acquaintance throughout the county, the result of many years of official service, and is held in high esteem by all with whom he has had social or business relations.  During his many years of service in public office, he was ever found capable, faithful and accommodating in the discharge of duty.  In the line of his present business he is exact and prompt, and as he represents only good companies, and conducts business according to correct methods and principles, he commands a liberal patronage among the best citizens in the city and county.