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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Derk W. Huenink, Page 550


DERK W. HUENINK, a resident of section 19, in the town of Holland, is a native of Guelderland, Holland, born March 9, 1827.  His parents, John B. and Bernindina (Hazen) Huenink were natives of the same country as their son.  His father received a good education, and in early life followed the occupation of school-teaching, but later turned his attention to farming.  Of their seven children, but three survive, namely, Derk W.; Johanna W.; who married John B. Sheepers, a farmer of Holland Township; and Delia, who became the wife of John W. Weberdink, a farmer of the same town.  Before leaving the Fatherland, Mr. Huenink laid the wife of his youth to rest in the village cemetery.

    The gentleman whose name heads this sketch received a common-school education, and afterward worked on his father's farm.  When seventeen years of age, he served an apprenticeship to the trade of a weaver, which he followed for some ten years, in connection with his duties on the farm.  May 30, 1858, Mr. Huenink wedded Miss Jentink, a daughter of Henry J. and Dora H. (Lammers) Jentink.  Mrs. Huenink is a native of the same province as her husband, born November 15, 1834.  She is one of a family of ten children, four sons and six daughters, of whom six accompanied their parents to the New World.  Mr. and Mrs. Jentink took up their residence in the town of Lima, where they made their home for many years, though both are now deceased.

    On the 25th of June, 1869, D. W. Huenink, accompanied by his father, his wife and children, sailed from Rotterdam, and after a voyage of eleven days landed at Quebec.  Coming on to Sheboygan County, they reached Amsterdam July 25.  His first purchase of land consisted of seventy-two acres on section 19, for which he paid $2,000.  This was in the spring of 1870, and a few years later he added five acres.  By industry Mr. and Mrs. Huenink have made a good farm, surrounding themselves with the comforts of life.  They have a family of nine children, all of whom are living.  John B., born May 20, 1859, is in business in Cedar Grove; Dora H., born June 22, 1861, married John Lohuis, a farmer of the town of Holland; Henry J., born October 15, 1863, is a cheese-maker of Cedar Grove; Christian, born April 22, 1866, is a veterinary surgeon of the same place; Bernandina G., born April 22, 1868, married Harry Scott, a farmer of Holland Township; John W., born June 3, 1871, is the first native-born American of the family; Gerret J. was born May 25, 1875; Catherina W. was born December 6, 1876; and Derk W., Jr., was born July 30, 1880.  The last four named are at home.

    The family attend the Presbyterian Church, and, in politics, both father and sons vote the Republican ticket.  Mr. Huenink has taken quite an active part in the work of the church, in which he has served as Elder for over nineteen years.