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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Julius C. Kroos, Page 728


JULIUS C. KROOS.  It is a noteworthy fact, that many young men with a genius for business and educational qualifications gain a rank in financial circles before they have reached the prime of life that their fathers would have been proud to attain after a life-time of devoted, energetic application.  The gentleman whose name heads this record, holding the responsible position of Cashier of the Bank of Sheboygan, well illustrates the truth of the above assertion.

    Mr. Kroos is a native of the Evergreen City, born March 17, 1857.  Until fourteen years old he attended the parochial schools of his native city; and then took a course at the Spencerian College of Milwaukee, graduating at the age of sixteen.  Thereupon he went to Chicago and was employed in a mercantile house.  Having returned to Sheboygan, he went into the above-named bank on the 25th of May, 1876, as collector.  From that he arose to assistant book-keeper, then head book-keeper, and in 1880 was made Assistant Cashier.  After holding that position only a month he was elected Cashier, having served as such without interruption since.

    On the 18th of November, 1880, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Kroos and Miss Bertha, daughter of Frederick Hoppe.  The lady is a native of this county, of which her father is one of the early settlers.  Both husband and wife are members of the Lutheran Church, and Mr. Kroos is a strong Democrat.  He helped to organize the Turners' Society, of which he has since been an active member and for many years has been Treasurer.

    The home of our subject is an elegant one, at the corner of Sixth and Niagara Streets, and furnished with the most modern appliances for heating and lighting.  Though they have no children, Mr. and Mrs. Kroos have reared from childhood and educated a niece of the latter, and are showing like kindness to her nephew.  In addition to his home, Mr. Kroos is interested in other real estate in the city.  His possessions are the legitimate reward of close attention to business and a careful husbanding of his resources.  He is recognized as a conservative business man, possessed of excellent judgment and of a reliable knowledge of men and values.  Mr. Kroos is a member of the Sheboygan Gun and Rod Club, being an ardent lover of hunting and fishing, in which diversion he spends his vacations.