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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Joseph Schubert, Page 680


JOSEPH SCHUBERT has been a resident of Sheboygan since 1854.  He was born in Wollbach, Bavaria, Germany, August 3, 1832.  Of the same country his parents, John and Anna (Wehner) Schubert, were natives, his father being a small farmer.  In 1845, the parents and three sons embarked aboard the "Alexander Humboldt," and sailed for the New World.  The voyage from Bremen to New York was made in forty-two days.  By way of the Hudson River and Erie Canal they reached Buffalo, where a location was made.  The year 1854 marks the arrival of the family in Sheboygan County, where the parents died years ago.  Their children in order of birth are:  John, who died in Menasha, Wis.; Bernhardt, who settled in New York State; Kaspar and our subject.  Kaspar was serving in the German army at the time the family emigrated to this country, hence he did not join them until some ten years later.  During the late war, he served as a musician in the Union army, and now lives in Sheboygan, being afflicted with total blindness.

    Joseph Schubert is the youngest of the family.  His education was received in his native land, but after coming to this country,  he had no opportunities for schooling.  While in Buffalo, he was engaged in a sawmill, serving as fireman, tail-sawyer and head-sawyer.  In 1854 he too came to Sheboygan, where, on the 8th of June of that year, he married Miss Kathrina Hilderbrand.  The wife was born in Gammelhausen, Wurtemburg, Germany, October 26, 1830, and in 1853 came alone to America, being the only one of her family to cross the ocean.

    Mr. and Mrs. Schubert began their domestic life on the place where he now lives.  At first he purchased twenty acres for $1,000, and since five acres more have been added.  In May, 1887, he platted the entire tract, making a hundred full lots, of which he has sold seventy-three.  It is known as Schubert's Sub-Division.

    Mr. and Mrs. Schubert are consistent members of the Catholic Church, their daily lives being in harmony with their profession.  They have four living children:  Margaret, who is the wife of Carl Schaetzer, of Centreville, Wis.; John and Henry, who are merchandising in Sheboygan; and Mary, who is the wife of Emil Nehrlich, of Nebraska.  Three children are deceased; two died in infancy, and Lizzie, who married Peter Bartzen, died at the age of twenty-eight.

    Mr. Schubert has always been a reliable Democrat, and has been honored in a marked degree with official positions.  He has served one term as Supervisor, seven years as School Clerk and eighteen years, from 1870 to 1888, as Town Clerk, receiving every vote in his township.  He has also served eleven years as a member of the Board of Directors, and as agent for the Town of Wilson Insurance Company.  Mr. Schubert is a great reader, and consequently is well informed on all subjects of general interest.  Having accumulated a sufficiency, he and his good wife are living in retirement, enjoying a well-earned rest.