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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Samuel Spencer, Page 386


SAMUEL SPENCER, a well-known real-estate dealer of Sheboygan, was born in Derby, Derbyshire, England, January 22, 1844.  His father, Samuel Spencer, was a native of the same shire, and served for twenty-six years in the Grenadier Guards, her Majesty's Household Troops.  For the last ten years of his service he was Sergeant.  In 1832, he was sent to Canada to aid in the suppression of the rebellion, remaining there for five years.  Returning to England, he married Elizabeth Seaton, who was born near Edinburgh, Scotland, in the same month and year as Queen Victoria.  Having retired from the army on a good pension, Mr. Spencer died only a year and a half later, at the age of forty-nine.  His wife came to the United States with our subject, and died at the home of her daughter in Montana, in 1890.  In the family of six children, of whom four came to the United States, only two are living.  A brother and sister died in England.  Mrs. Anna Pelletere is a resident of New Chicago, Mont.

    The education of Samuel Spencer, Jr., was acquired in the national schools of England.  As his father was in the service, he was taken into the military band as a drummer-boy and bugler, and served as such for five years.  Subsequently, he was for nine months in the freight department of the Midland Railroad, and for five years was on the Derbyshire constabulary, being twice promoted inside of two and a-half years.  The last two years he acted as Sergeant, and had charge of a station.  A robbery was committed in the house of George Brindley, of Beckwell, Derbyshire, and our subject was successful in capturing the thief.  By this means he became acquainted with the daughter of the house, Miss Hannah, whom he courted for five years in England, and subsequently married in America.

    In 1870, Mr. Spencer came to the New World on the steamer "Peruvian," of the Allen Line.  He arrived in Quebec, Canada, and continued his journey to Wisconsin, having relatives near Plymouth.  It was his intention to engage in farming, but he was induced to accept a position on the Sheboygan & Fond du Lac Railroad in handling freight.  In a short time he was made yard-master, which position he held for three years.  Then for a time he was in the car-repair department, but when the shops were removed, he preferred not to leave the city, and therefore engaged in teaming for a while.  In 1884, he was appointed a member of the police force by Mayor Blackstock, and was a faithful officer for eight years.

    It was in 1874 that Mrs. Spencer came to the United States, and their marriage was celebrated on the 6th of October of that year, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Mr. Blow, pastor of the Episcopal Church, of which Mr. Spencer is a member.  His wife holds membership with the Congregational Church.  They have reared an adopted son, John T. Spencer, who is a nephew of our subject.  When he was an infant, his father, John Tobiason, was browned in Lake Erie.  He is an intelligent young man, now eighteen years of age, and is studying to become a surveyor.  Owing to his own industrious efforts, Mr. Spencer has acquired a good property, and for the past six years has given considerable attention to the real-estate business.  In politics, he votes with the Democratic party, and has served as Alderman for one term.  Fraternally, he is an Odd Fellow and Forester.