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Sheboygan Students - Aaholm to Alvarez


Name Senior Year
Donald Aaholm Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Jan Aaholm Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Philip Aaholm Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Richard Aaholm Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Vivi Aarnaes Sheboygan North HS, 1958
James Abbott Sheboygan South HS, 1967
John Abbott Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Kenneth Abbott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Sandra Abbott Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Cedric Abel Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Joy Abel Howards Grove HS, 1964
William Abel Howards Grove HS, 1967
David Abell Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Edward Abell Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Robert Abell Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Robert Abendroth Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Glenn Aber Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Scott Aber Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Ruth Abers Plymouth HS, 1933
Donna Abler Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Joanne Abler Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Nancy Abler Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Rose Abler Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Ann Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Diane Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Donald Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Earl Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Irene Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
James Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Karen Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Keith Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Kelly Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Lucille Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Margaret Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Mark Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Robert Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Robert Abraham Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Roger Abraham Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Ruth Abraham Sheboygan HS, 1937
Sally Abraham Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Terry Abraham Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Walter Abraham Sheboygan HS, 1932
Arthur Abrahams Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Janet Abrahams Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
John Henry Abrahams Sheboygan HS, 1900
Frank Abrashinsky Sheboygan HS, 1937
James Abrashinsky Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Michelle Abrashinsky Sheboygan North HS, 1984
William Abrashinsky Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Allen Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1969
David Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Debra Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Jane Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Lucy Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Mark Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Norbert Abromaitis Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Sandra Abromaitis Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Christine Abstetar Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Dave Abstetar Sheboygan South HS, 1971
David Abstetar Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Dorene Abstetar Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Edward Abstetar Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Frank Abstetar Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
James Abstetar Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Margaret Abstetar Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Stanley Abstetar Sheboygan HS, 1934
William Abstetar Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Silvia Acher Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Esther Achilles Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Genevieve Achilles Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Hildegarde Achilles Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Penny Achilles Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Shelly Achilles Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Debbie Achsel Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Helen Achsel Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Jeffery Achsel Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Linda Achsel Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Thomas Achsel Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Geraldine Achtenhagen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Jackie Achtenhagen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1943
Glenn Achter Plymouth HS, 1953
Joanne Achter Plymouth HS, 1949
Annette Acker Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Arthur Acker Sheboygan HS, 1914
Clemens Acker Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
David Acker Sheboygan HS, 1925
Deborah Acker Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Francis Acker Sheboygan HS, 1938
George Acker Sheboygan HS, 1938
Georgia Acker Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Harriet Acker Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Larry Acker Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Marie Acker Sheboygan HS, 1921
Susan Acker Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Timothy Acker Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Tom Acker Sheboygan South HS, 1979
William Acker Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Delbert Ackeret Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Marlene Ackeret Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Alvin Ackerman Plymouth HS, 1891
Gladys Ackerman Sheboygan HS, 1920
Raymond C. Ackerman Sheboygan HS, 1923
Ruth Ackerman Plymouth HS, 1929
Carl Ackermann Sheboygan HS, 1929
Charles Ackermann Sheboygan South HS, 1962
John Ackermann Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Mary Ackermann Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Robert Ackermann Sheboygan HS, 1936
William Ackermann Sheboygan HS, 1930
Theodore Ackley Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Timothy Ackley Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Carl Adam Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Dennis Adam Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Leona Adam Kiel HS, 1932
Trent Adam Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Barbara Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Carol Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Charles Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Dan Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1978
David Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Dolores Adamavich Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Donald Adamavich Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Donna Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Dorothy Adamavich Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Gregory Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Kathleen Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Maryelle Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Philip Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Richard Adamavich Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Scott Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Sherri L. Adamavich Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Steve Adamavich Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
Susan Adamavich Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Thomas Adamavich Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Jeanne Adamonie Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Mary Adamonie Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Sue Adamonie Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Anne Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Annette Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Barbara Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Brenda Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Brian Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Brian Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Cassius Adams Sheboygan Falls HS, 1949
Chris Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Dawn Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Dean Adams Elkhart Lake HS, 1982
Deborah Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Doris Adams Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Edith Adams Sheboygan Falls HS, 1926
Emogene Adams Kiel HS, 1939
Grace Adams Plymouth HS, 1915
Jay Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Jean Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Jill Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Joan Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Julia Margueriette Adams Sheboygan HS, 1901
Julie Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Julie Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1980
June Adams Plymouth HS, 1939
Karren Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Lori Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Patricia Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Peter J. Adams Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Phyllis Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Richard Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Richard Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Roger Adams Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Ruth Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Ruth A. Adams Sheboygan HS, 1904
Sandra Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Shirley Adams Plymouth HS, 1935
Terri Adams Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Vernon Adams Kiel HS, 1948
Wayne Adams Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
John Adelich Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Virginia Adelich Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Carol Adema Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Johanna Adema Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Tina Adema Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Barbara Ader Plymouth HS, 1956
Lawrence Ader Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Nancy Ader Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Robert Ader Plymouth HS, 1953
Thomas Ader Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Raymond C. Aderhold Plymouth HS, 1909
Shirley Aderman Plymouth HS, 1947
Roger Adermann Elkhart Lake HS, 1949
Lora Adkinson Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Jim Adleman Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Larry Adler Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Sandy Adler Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Vernon Adler Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Wallace Adler Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
David Adomavich Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Frank Adomavich Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Rosie Adomavich Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Victor Adomavich Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Bernice Adomite Sheboygan HS, 1937
Mary Ann Adomite Sheboygan HS, 1934
Florence Adriance Sheboygan HS, 1915
Bennie Aframovitz Sheboygan HS, 1928
Hubert Aggen Sheboygan HS, 1923
Howard Ahl Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Janet Ahl Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Jerome Ahl Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Thomas Ahl Sheboygan North HS, 1956
Stanley Ahles Plymouth HS, 1929
Christine Ahlf Sheboygan South HS, 1975
David Ahlf Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Petra Ahnert Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Claudette Aho Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Luann Aho Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Amy Ahrens Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Barbara Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Carol Mae Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Clarence Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Dale Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Daniel Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Donna Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Dorothy Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Gene Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Harold Ahrens Sheboygan HS, 1937
Hildegard Ahrens Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
James Ahrens Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Janice Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Julie Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Jerry Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Kelly Ahrens Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
LeRoy Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Marcus Ahrens Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Mari Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Marion Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Mary Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Michael Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Robert Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Ronald Ahrens Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Ronald Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Susan Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Sylvia Ahrens Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Thomas Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Yvonne Ahrens Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Juanita Ahrnsbrak Sheboygan HS, 1933
Robert H. Ahrnsbrak Sheboygan North HS, 1963
William Ahrnsbrak Sheboygan HS, 1931
William Ahrnsbrak Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Arvin Aigner Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Fredric Aigner Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Joseph Aigner Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Kathleen Aigner Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Reuben Aigner Sheboygan HS, 1932
Susan Aigner Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Willard Aigner Sheboygan HS, 1935
William Ajche Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Bessie Akin Plymouth HS, 1896
Claudia Akright Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
Lois Akright Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Peter Akright Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Donna Albers Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Gerald Albers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1951
Ronald Albers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1950
Agnes Albertin Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Elsa Albertin Sheboygan HS, 1933
Gertrude Albertin Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Harold Albertin Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Harvey Albertin Sheboygan Falls HS, 1946
James Albertin Sheboygan Falls HS, 1960
Jane Albertin Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Karen Albertin Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Lydia Albertin Sheboygan HS, 1938
Margit Albertin Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Mark Albertin Sheboygan Falls HS, 1955
Oscar Albertin Sheboygan HS, 1936
Thomas N. Albertin Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Annette Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1945
Barbara Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1976
David Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Gary Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Kenneth Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Roger Alberts Sheboygan North HS, 1951
Howard Albl Sheboygan HS, 1933
Orvilla Albl Sheboygan HS, 1936
Althea Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1919
Arthur Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1908
Christine Albrecht Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Delbert Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1949
Dorathea L. Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1906
Elsie Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Erwin Albrecht Sheboygan HS, 1908
Eugene Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Harriet Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Irene Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
John Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Julie Albrecht Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Louis Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Louis Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Mary Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Mary Albrecht Sheboygan Falls HS, 1968
Minnie F. Albrecht Sheboygan HS, 1905
Otto Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Raymond Albrecht Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Richard Albrecht Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Roseanne Albrecht Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Sue Albrecht Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
William Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1947
William Albrecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Wm. J. Albrecht Plymouth HS, 1904
Dennis Albright Kiel HS, 1965
Marjorie Albright Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Richard Albright Plymouth HS, 1956
Dionne Alby Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Kathleen Alby Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Susan Alby Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Teresa Alby Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Victoria Alby Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Allen Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1932
Carl Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1925
Carolyn Aldag Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Gwen Aldag Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Jack Aldag Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Jerome Aldag Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
June Aldag Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Lorraine Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1918
Margaret Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1919
Marvin Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1922
Michael Aldag Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Patricia Aldag Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Richard Aldag Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Robert Aldag Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Robert Aldag Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Roman Aldag Sheboygan HS, 1930
Lucia Aldakauskas Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Mary Ann Aldakauskas Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Rita Aldakauskas Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Ruth Aldakauskas Sheboygan South HS, 1964
John Alderkauski Sheboygan HS, 1934
Joseph Alderkauski Sheboygan HS, 1936
Carita Aleff Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Corita Aleff Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Cynthia Aleff Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Donald Aleff Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Howard Aleff Sheboygan HS, 1932
Jacqueline Aleff Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Jean Aleff Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Jerome Aleff Sheboygan HS, 1932
Jerry Aleff Sheboygan North HS, 1953
June Aleff Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Kenneth Aleff Sheboygan HS, 1931
Peter Aleff Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Rebecca Aleff Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Ruth Aleff Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Steven Aleff Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Virginia Carita Aleff Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Joanne Alex Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Marilyn Alex Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Paul Alex Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Carol Alexander Sheboygan South HS, 1970
James Alexander Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Marilyn Alexander Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Marjorie Alexander Sheboygan HS, 1938
Phyllis Alexander Sheboygan North HS, 1944
David S. Alfonsi Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Meryem Ali Sheboygan Falls HS, 1966
Zeeshan Ali Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Donald Allee Sheboygan South HS, 1974
James Allee Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Lorraine Allee Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Thomas Allee Sheboygan South HS, 1971
William Allee Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Dean Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Edith Allen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1955
Joanne Allen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1958
Kathryn Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Kenneth Allen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1963
Mark Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Martha Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Michael Allen Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Timothy Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1976
William Allen Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Deborah Allinger Elkhart Lake HS, 1981
Denise Allinger Elkhart Lake HS, 1983
Nora Allison Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Barbara Allman Sheboygan HS, 1938
Elizabeth Allman Sheboygan HS, 1937
Jean Allman Sheboygan HS, 1934
Jessie C. Allman Sheboygan Falls HS, 1927
Harriet Allman Sheboygan HS, 1935
Elaine Allmann Sheboygan Falls HS, 1961
Jerome Allmann Plymouth HS, 1947
Lori A. Allmann Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Richard Allmann Sheboygan Falls HS, 1955
Ardean Allwardt Plymouth HS, 1940
Doris Ruth Allwardt Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Kenneth Allwardt Plymouth HS, 1948
Melvin Allwardt Sheboygan North HS, 1945
Melvin Allwardt Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
Mildred Allwardt Plymouth HS, 1949
John Alperovitz Sheboygan HS, 1935
Mayer Alperovitz Sheboygan HS, 1927
Ray Alperovitz Sheboygan HS, 1929
Richard Alperovitz Sheboygan HS, 1935
Arthur Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Carol Jean Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1965
David Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Jacob Michael Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Joan Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Larry Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Linda Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Lois Ann Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Mary Alpert Sheboygan HS, 1927
Richard Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Susan Alpert Sheboygan North HS, 1972
William Alpert Sheboygan HS, 1935
Alexia Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1934
Eugene Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1932
Faye Altenbach Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Julian Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1937
Marie Altenbach Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Mary Ann Altenbach Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Roy Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1938
Ruth Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1931
Veronica Altenbach Sheboygan HS, 1934
Charlene Altenberger Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Donna Altenberger Sheboygan North HS, 1964
James Altenberger Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Terry Altenberger Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Frederick Altergott Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Joan Altergott Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Karen Altergott Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Debbie Althen Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Kenneth Althen Sheboygan HS, 1933
Leona Althen Sheboygan HS, 1921
William Althen Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Beth Altman Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Kathleen Altman Sheboygan South HS, 1964
La Mar Altman Sheboygan HS, 1933
La Verne Altman Sheboygan HS, 1933
Michael Altman Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Randall Altman Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Steve Altman Sheboygan South HS, 1961
William Altman, Jr. Sheboygan HS, 1934
Dorothea Altmann Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Karen Altmann Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Neal Altmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Neil Altmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Robert Altmann Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Robert Altmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Wayne Altmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Don Altmeyer Sheboygan South HS, 1983
James Altmeyer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1956
Jeanne Altmeyer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1962
Nancy Altmeyer Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Patricia Altmeyer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Robert Altmeyer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1941
Susan Altmeyer Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Edwin Altschwager Sheboygan HS, 1915
Roberto Alvarez Sheboygan South HS, 1973

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