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Sheboygan Students - Braasch to Brittan


Name Senior Year
Betty Braasch Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Doris Braasch Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Fredrick W. Braasch Sheboygan HS, 1905
Jean Braasch Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Karl Braasch Sheboygan HS, 1917
Margaret Braasch Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Mary Jane Braasch Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Peter Braasch Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Theodor Braasch Sheboygan HS, 1920
William Braasch Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
William K. Braash Sheboygan HS, 1908
Carol Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
David Braatz Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Denise Braatz Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Donald Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Ethel Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Jean Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Martin Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Neal Braatz Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Susan Braatz Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Tamara Braatz Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Terry Braatz Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Thomas Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Virginia Braatz Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Werner Braatz Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Denise Brachman Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Daniel Brachmann Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Gary Brachmann Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Gerald Brachmann Sheboygan North HS, 1973
James Brachmann Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Joseph Brachmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Joseph Brachmann Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Julie Brachmann Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Kenneth Brachmann Oostburg HS, 1953
Mildred Brachmann Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Peggy Brachmann Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Richard Brachmann Oostburg HS, 1951
Tom Brachmann Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Westley Brachmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Willard Brachmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Jerome Brack Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Larry Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Lillian Brack Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Marilyn Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Randy Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Richard Brack Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Ricky Brack Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
Sharon Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Terry Brack Sheboygan Falls HS, 1968
Theodore Brack Sheboygan HS, 1937
Thomas Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Troy Brack Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Cecile Bradford Plymouth HS, 1902
Ethel Bradford Plymouth HS, 1903
Jeff Bradford Sheboygan North HS, 1972
W. N. Bradford Plymouth HS, 1879
Charles Bradley Sheboygan Falls HS, 1971
Dale Bradley Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Fern Bradley Sheboygan HS, 1933
Hazel Ruth Bradley Sheboygan HS, 1930
William Bradley Sheboygan HS, 1935
Charlotte Braeger Sheboygan HS, 1934
Debbie Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Gerald Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Hubert Braeger Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Jeffrey Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1964
John Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Katherine Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Margaret Braeger Sheboygan HS, 1932
Peter Braeger Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Remigia Braeger Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
William Braeger Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Juergen Braendle Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Anna Brager Sheboygan HS, 1934
Edward Brager Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Joseph Brager Sheboygan HS, 1936
Joseph Brager Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Mark Brager Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Mary Brager Sheboygan HS, 1933
Mary Brager Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Matthew Brager Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Allan Bramstedt Howards Grove HS, 1960
David Bramstedt Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Mary Bramstedt Howards Grove HS, 1965
Ronald Bramstedt Howards Grove HS, 1964
Barbara Brand Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Barbara Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Bernard Brand Sheboygan HS, 1918
Charles Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Deborah Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Doris Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Dorothy Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Georgia Brand Sheboygan HS, 1932
James Brand Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Judith Brand Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Judith Brand Elkhart Lake HS, 1981
Lester Brand Sheboygan HS, 1937
Mary Ann Brand Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Mary Jane Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Michael Brand Sheboygan HS, 1917
Paul Brand Sheboygan HS, 1926
Peter Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Randall Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Richard Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Richard Brand Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Robert Brand Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Robbin Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Sandra Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Timothy Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Tusella Brand Sheboygan HS, 1923
Virginia Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Walter Brand Sheboygan HS, 1938
Walter Brand Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Walter J. Brand Sheboygan HS, 1919
Cary Brandenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Debra Brandenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Roger Brandenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Andrew Brandl Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Bruce Brandl Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Dale Brandl Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Dorothy Brandl Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Douglas Brandl Sheboygan South HS, 1975
George Brandl Sheboygan HS, 1924
Jolene Brandl Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Joseph Brandl Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Julitta Z. Brandl Sheboygan HS, 1923
Marjorie Brandl Sheboygan HS, 1922
Mary Brandl Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Mary Jane Brandl Sheboygan HS, 1938
Nancy Brandl Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Richard Brandl Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Ruth Brandl Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Aneva Brandstetter Sheboygan HS, 1935
James Brandstetter Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Joseph Brandstetter Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Lucille Brandstetter Sheboygan HS, 1936
Robert Brandstetter Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Walter Brandstetter Sheboygan HS, 1932
Ann Brandt Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Arthur Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1926
Barbara Brandt Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Beatrice Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1937
Bill Brandt Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Carl Brandt Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Constance Brandt Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Dale Brandt Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Doris Brandt Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Dorothy Brandt Kiel HS, 1938
Elva Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1914
Esther Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1931
Frederick Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1933
Harry Brandt Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Helen Frances Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1929
Kurt Brandt Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Marcella Brandt Sheboygan HS, 1924
Paul Brandt Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Ronald Brandt Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Margaret Brang Plymouth HS, 1948
Johnnie Branham Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Gail Brannon Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Rick Brantmeier Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Elva Brasaitis Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
June Brasaitis Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Mary Brasaitis Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Wayne Brass Howards Grove HS, 1965
Carl Brasser Oostburg HS, 1953
Dale Brasser Oostburg HS, 1950
David Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Dennis Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Esther E. Brasser Sheboygan HS, 1923
Harvey Brasser Sheboygan HS, 1918
Herbert Brasser Sheboygan HS, 1929
James Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Lewis Brasser Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Lorraine Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Marilyn Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1956
Marlys Brasser Oostburg HS, 1951
Thomas N. Brasser Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Wallace Brasser Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Wayne Brasser Oostburg HS, 1953
Garth Brassure Sheboygan Falls HS, 1953
Nancy Brasted Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Carol Brasure Sheboygan Falls HS, 1960
Ruth Brasure Sheboygan HS, 1924
William Brasure Sheboygan HS, 1921
Robert Bratbert Oostburg HS, 1971
Lynn Bratmeier Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Lenore Bratt Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Emma E. Bratz Plymouth HS, 1909
Ida Bratz Plymouth HS, 1912
James Bratz Sheboygan North HS, 1971
John Bratz Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Mike Bratz Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Tom Bratz Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Carola Brauel Sheboygan HS, 1933
Adolf Brauer Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Herbert Brauer Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Robin Brauer Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Albert Braun Sheboygan HS, 1933
Albert Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Ardell Braun Sheboygan HS, 1933
Audrey Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1944
Betty Braun Sheboygan Falls HS, 1966
Celene Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Daniel Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Debbie Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Debra Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Dorothy Braun Sheboygan HS, 1938
Elaine Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Elroy Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1951
Ethel Braun Sheboygan HS, 1937
Flo Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Frances Braun Sheboygan HS, 1938
Frances Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Frederick Braun Sheboygan HS, 1929
Gail Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Helen Braun Sheboygan HS, 1937
Herbert Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
James Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
James Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Janet Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Jean Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Jean Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Joan Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
John Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1945
Josephine Braun Sheboygan HS, 1933
Julitta Braun Sheboygan HS, 1927
June Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Kathleen Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Lorne Braun Kiel HS, 1938
Lucille Braun Sheboygan HS, 1938
Karen Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Karl Braun Sheboygan HS, 1929
Leona Braun Sheboygan HS, 1927
Lester Braun Sheboygan HS, 1926
Lloyd Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Margaret M. Braun Sheboygan HS, 1926
Mary Braun Sheboygan HS, 1934
Noel Braun Sheboygan HS, 1932
Pamela Suzzanne Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Patricia Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Richard Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Robert Braun Sheboygan HS, 1932
Robert Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Robert Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Rodney Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Roger Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Sandra Braun Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Shiela Braun Kohler HS, 1962
Sue Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Thecla Braun Sheboygan HS, 1927
Thomas Braun Sheboygan South HS, 1968
William Braun Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Harold Brautgam Plymouth HS, 1937
June Brautgam Plymouth HS, 1941
David Bray Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Geoffrey Bray Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Holly Bray Sheboygan South HS, 1976
James Bray Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Lawrence Bray Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Lori Bray Elkhart Lake HS, 1982
Patti Bray Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Carol Brazelton Sheboygan HS, 1936
Franklin Brazelton Plymouth HS, 1919
Mary Brazelton Sheboygan HS, 1933
Darby Brechlin Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Barbara Breckheimer Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Lee Breckheimer Kiel HS, 1962
Herman Bredeck Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
LeRoy Bredeck Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Mark Bredeck Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Michael Bredeck Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Robert Bredeck Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Sue Bredeck Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Gerard Bredesen Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Haldis Bredesen Plymouth HS, 1935
Donald Breheim Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Fred Breheim Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Lorraine Breheim Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Norman Breheim Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Mary Breher Sheboygan Falls HS, 1956
Ada Brehm Plymouth HS, 1915
Amy Brehm Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Ada Brehm Plymouth HS, 1916
Carole Brehm Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Dorothy Brehm Sheboygan HS, 1935
Frederic Brehm Sheboygan HS, 1934
Kathleen Brehm Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Lyle Brehm Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Michael Brehm Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Robert Brehm Sheboygan HS, 1936
Rodney Brehm Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Victor F. Brehm Sheboygan HS, 1914
Wilbur Brehm Sheboygan HS, 1916
Bethia Brehmer Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Alan Breirather Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Candace Breirather Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Leopold Breirather Sheboygan HS, 1933
Roger Breirather Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Sandra Breirather Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Elizabeth Breitung Plymouth HS, 1929
Doris Breitzman Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Gerald Breitzman Plymouth HS, 1953
Michael Breitzman Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Denise Bremer Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Daniel Bremner Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Margaret Bremner Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Evelyn Bremser Plymouth HS, 1936
Barbara Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Charles Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Corajane Brendel Sheboygan Falls HS, 1957
Jeffrey Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Jerome Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Kenneth Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Larry Brendel Howards Grove HS, 1966
Sandra Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Tom Brendel Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Vernon Brendel Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Mary Brendzej Sheboygan HS, 1935
Michael Brendzej Sheboygan HS, 1937
Connie Brenon Oostburg HS, 1968
Dale Brenon Oostburg HS, 1971
Michelle Brenon Oostburg HS, 1967
Bernard Brentrup Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Bernardine Brentrup Plymouth HS, 1949
Claire Brentrup Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Helen Brentrup Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Marianne Brentrup Plymouth HS, 1947
Robert Brentrup Sheboygan South HS, 1973
David Brestrich Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Mark Brestrich Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Patricia Brestrich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Virginia Brestrich Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Charles Brethouwer Oostburg HS, 1952
Martin Brethouwer Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Stacie Brethouwer Sheboygan North HS, 1989
George Brethower Sheboygan HS, 1908
William Brethower Sheboygan HS, 1903
George Brett Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Carl Bretzke Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Gary Bretzmann Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Jason Bretzmann Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Juel Bretzmann Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Delores Breu Sheboygan North HS, 1960
James Breu Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Winrich Breu Sheboygan HS, 1926
Alma Breuchel Sheboygan HS, 1916
Betty Breuchel Sheboygan HS, 1938
James Breunig Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Joseph J. Breunig Oostburg HS, 1957
Karen Breunig Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Kenneth Breunig Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Mary Breunig Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Richard Breunig Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Helen Breuninger Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Kurt Brevik Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Ellen Brewer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
David Brey Sheboygan South HS, 1969
James Brey Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Paul Brey Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Judith Brezoni Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Karen Brezoni Sheboygan South HS, 1968
John Brezonik Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Kathy Brezonik Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Michael Brezonik Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Thomas Brezonik Sheboygan South HS, 1969
David Brgoch Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Dennis Brgoch Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Linda Brgoch Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Marianne Brgoch Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Daniel Bricco Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Daniel Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Diane Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1976
John Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Katherine Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Mary Bricco Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Peter Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Thomas Bricco Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Betty Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Clara Brick Sheboygan HS, 1935
Daniel Brick Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Donald Brick Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Floyd Brick Sheboygan North HS, 1950
James Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Janis Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Joan Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Leroy Brick Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Shirley Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Stephen Brick Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Anita Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1929
Arthur Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1915
Benjamin Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1913
Charles Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1948
Lydia Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1909
Peter Brickbauer Plymouth HS, 1890
Anita Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Arthur Brickner Sheboygan HS, 1938
Arthur Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Bert Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Bob Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Bonnie Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Charles Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
David Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Edmund Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Frank Brickner Sheboygan HS, 1937
Irma Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Jaculin Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Jeffrey Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Jennifer Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Jerome Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Joseph Brickner Sheboygan HS, 1935
Kenneth Brickner Sheboygan HS, 1934
Lawrence Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Linda Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Lois Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Margaret Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Marguerite Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Maria Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Mark Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Michael Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Peter Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Phillip Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Raymond Brickner Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Richard Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Rick Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Teresa Brickner Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Thomas Brickner Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Walter Brickner Plymouth HS, 1942
Virginia Brico Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Scott Bridges Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Terri Bridges Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Bill Brieger Kiel HS, 1968
Elizabeth Bries Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Richard Bries Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Tony Bries Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Karen Briese Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Kathryn Briese Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Mark Briese Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Carl W. Brieske Kiel HS, 1934
David Brigham Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Brian Brill Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Chery Brill Oostburg HS, 1970
Gerald Brill Oostburg HS, 1950
Jeff Brill Sheboygan North HS, 1979
John Brill Oostburg HS, 1968
Josephine Brill Sheboygan HS, 1929
Kathryn Brill Oostburg HS, 1950
Keith Brill Oostburg HS, 1947
Lavonne Brill Oostburg HS, 1957
Linda Brill Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Mary Brill Oostburg HS, 1951
Mary Ann Brill Oostburg HS, 1952
Niles Brill Kiel HS, 1938
Patricia Brill Kiel HS, 1949
Rogene Brill Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Ruth Ann Brill Oostburg HS, 1957
Shirley Brill Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Rhonda Brillowski Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Eugene Brimm Sheboygan HS, 1932
Amy Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Barbara Brinkman Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Cathy Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Everett Brinkman Plymouth HS, 1930
Forrest Brinkman Plymouth HS, 1939
Genevieve Brinkman Sheboygan HS, 1924
James Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Janet Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1951
John Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Leola Brinkman Plymouth HS, 1936
Mary Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Patti Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Ruth Brinkman Sheboygan Falls HS, 1946
Sharon Brinkman Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Thomas Brinkman Sheboygan North HS, 1961
William Brinkman Sheboygan Falls HS, 1926
Dale Brion Sheboygan Falls HS, 1968
Gerardo Briones Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Raymond Brittan Sheboygan HS, 1935

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