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Sheboygan Students - Lorbecki to Lyons


Name Senior Year
Andrew Lorbecki Elkhart Lake HS, 1981
Frank Lorbecki Elkhart Lake HS, 1983
Norman Lord Plymouth HS, 1930
Sherry Lord Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Susan Lord Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Alfred Lorenz Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Amy Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Ann Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1961
Ann Julie Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Carol Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1959
Cindy Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Cynthia Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Darlene Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1951
Donald Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Edward Lorenz Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Eleanor Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1929
Elizabeth Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Esther J. Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1912
Gary Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
George Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Gertrude Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1954
Gregory Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Howard Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1934
Imogene Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1951
Ione Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1935
Jack Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1947
James Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Janice Lorenz Howards Grove HS, 1964
Janice Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Jayne Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1964
Jennie Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1903
Joan Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1956
John Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Julie Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1971
Kathleen Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Kathy Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Kim Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Linda Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Lisa Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Liz Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Lori Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Margaret Lorenz Plymouth HS, 1953
Marjorie Lorenz Howards Grove HS, 1964
Mary Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1959
Mary Jo Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Maureen Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Mike Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Patricia Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Paul Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Pauline Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Richard Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Robert Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1964
Robert A. Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Roland Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Rudolph Lorenz Sheboygan HS, 1932
Ruth Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Scott Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Shirley Lorenz Howards Grove HS, 1960
Shirley Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1963
Thomas Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1968
Timothy Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Timothy Lorenz Sheboygan North HS, 1975
William Lorenz Sheboygan South HS, 1977
William Lorenz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Donna Lorenzen Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Gilbert Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Judith Lorenzen Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Leona Lorenzen Sheboygan HS, 1937
Lorraine Lorenzen Sheboygan HS, 1935
Michael Lorenzen Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Nancy Lorenzen Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Richard Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Robert Lorenzen Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Roland Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Ruth Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Shirley Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Verna Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Violet Lorenzen Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Athilde Lorfeld Plymouth HS, 1902
Debra Lorfeld Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Edna Lorfeld Plymouth HS, 1910
Gerhard W. Lorfeld Sheboygan HS, 1916
Gust. Lorfeld Plymouth HS, 1900
Harvey Lorfeld Kiel HS, 1948
John Lorfeld Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Joyce Lorfeld Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Marjorie Lorfeld Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Mary Ellen Lorfeld Kiel HS, 1949
Olga L. Lorfeld Plymouth HS, 1905
Onidia M. Lorfeld Plymouth HS, 1904
Randal Lorfeld Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Ione Lorge Plymouth HS, 1936
Jean Lorge Plymouth HS, 1937
Michael Lorge Sheboygan Falls HS, 1981
Robert Lorge Sheboygan Falls HS, 1967
Sally Lorge Sheboygan Falls HS, 1964
Jody Lorger Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Mark Lorger Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Thomas Lorger Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Constance Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Daniel Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Dave Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Diane Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Dorothy Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Howard Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Jack Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
James Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Jane Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Jeanette Lorier Sheboygan HS, 1938
Jenine Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Jerome Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Joan Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Joan Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Joseph Lorier Sheboygan HS, 1932
Joyce Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Judith Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Larry Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Linda Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Marion Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Ron Lorier Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Shirley Lorier Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Diane Loritz Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Gerald Loritz Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Helen Loritz Sheboygan HS, 1938
Joan Loritz Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Marilyn Loritz Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Theresa Loritz Sheboygan North HS, 1945
Donald Losey Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Rosie Losey Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Karen Losing Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Shirley Losing Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Susan Loth Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Magdalen Lotten Kiel HS, 1936
Bert Louden Plymouth HS, 1903
Bennie Louis Sheboygan HS, 1927
Bennie I. Louis Sheboygan HS, 1932
Sam Louis Sheboygan HS, 1927
Albert Louisier Sheboygan HS, 1931
Albert Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Betty Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Carol Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1961
David Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Harold Louisier Sheboygan HS, 1934
Helen Louisier Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Helen Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Len Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Linda Louisier Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Bernice Louret Plymouth HS, 1948
Diane Louret Plymouth HS, 1956
George Louret Sheboygan HS, 1915
Grace A. Louret Sheboygan HS, 1904
Harry A. Louret Sheboygan HS, 1908
Lee Louret Sheboygan HS, 1915
Lucile L. Louret Sheboygan HS, 1911
Lynn Lousier Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Diane Loux Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Donna Loux Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Robert Loux Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Hugh Lovell Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Lloyd Lovell Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Rita Lovell Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Barbara Loving Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Bridgette Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Diane Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1976
E. Ivan Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1947
James Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Joan Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Liz Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Mary Loving Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Nancy Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Patrick Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Roger Loving Sheboygan North HS, 1939
James Lowe Sheboygan HS, 1926
Lorraine Lowe Sheboygan HS, 1923
Worthie Lowi Sheboygan HS, 1915
Cynthia Lowry Sheboygan Falls HS, 1971
Lawrence Lowry Sheboygan Falls HS, 1967
Andres Lozano Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Jane Lozano Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Maria Lozano Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Barbara Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Bernice Lubach Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Carl Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Carol Lubach Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
David Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1966
David Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1989
Debra Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Dennis Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Edith Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Elaine Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Elizabeth Lubach Sheboygan HS, 1938
George Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Geraldine Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Janis Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Jeff Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Laureen Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1957
LuAnn Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Mary Jane Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Nancy Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Pamela Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Patricia Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Roger Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Sandra Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Thomas Lubach Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Tim Lubach Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Shirley Lubahn Kiel HS, 1949
Anne Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Deborah Lubbers Oostburg HS, 1970
Dorothy Lubbers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1945
Evangeline Lubbers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1942
Irene Lubbers Oostburg HS, 1950
James Lubbers Oostburg HS, 1968
Jane Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Jean Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1940
John Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1946
John Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1978
John M. Lubbers Oostburg HS, 1957
Julie Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Kenneth Lubbers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1946
Owen Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Paul Libbers Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Robert Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1944
Ruth Lubbers Sheboygan Falls HS, 1949
Sara Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Wayne M. Lubbers Oostburg HS, 1954
William Lubbers Sheboygan North HS, 1942
John Lubeley Kiel HS, 1965
Craig Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Deloris Lubenow Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Diane Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Frederick Lubenow Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Gerald Lubenow Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
LeRoy Lubenow Sheboygan HS, 1931
Lorraine Lubenow Sheboygan HS, 1928
Michael Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Sandra Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Terry Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Vincent Lubenow Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Warren Lubenow Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Wendy Lubenow Sheboygan North HS, 1973
William Lubenow Sheboygan HS, 1919
Nadine Lucey Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Dawn Luchterhand Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Scott Luchterhand Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Arthur Luckow Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Germaine Luckow Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
James Luckow Sheboygan South HS, 1968
William Luckow Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Jack Lucynski Sheboygan Falls HS, 1944
Donald Ludens Oostburg HS, 1968
Donna Ludens Oostburg HS, 1954
Joyce Ludens Oostburg HS, 1950
Dorothy Ludwig Sheboygan HS, 1935
Lillian Ludwig Sheboygan HS, 1930
Peggy Ludwig Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Regina Ludwig Sheboygan HS, 1931
Robyn Ludwig Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Ruth Ludwig Sheboygan Falls HS, 1947
Trudi Ludwig Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Virginia Ludwig Sheboygan North HS, 1940
David Luebke Howards Grove HS, 1967
Eileen Luebke Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Henry Luebke Kiel HS, 1948
Janelle Luebke Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Lila Luebke Kiel HS, 1949
Wayne Luebke Howards Grove HS, 1965
Mark Luebner Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Thomas Luebner Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Cindy Lueck Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Daniel Lueck Sheboygan Falls HS, 1981
Debi Lueck Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Ericka Lueck Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Lisa Lueck Elkhart Lake HS, 1980
Mike Lueck Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Christine Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Dennis Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Emma Luecke Plymouth HS, 1910
Etta Luecke Plymouth HS, 1910
Flita Luecke Plymouth HS, 1910
Frank Luecke Plymouth HS, 1913
Gertrude Luecke Sheboygan HS, 1917
Henrietta F. Luecke Sheboygan HS, 1920
John Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Kenneth Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Lloyd Luecke Kiel HS, 1948
Louise Luecke Sheboygan HS, 1919
Thomas Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Virginia Luecke Plymouth HS, 1948
William Luecke Sheboygan HS, 1923
William Luecke Sheboygan North HS, 1944
Arthur Luecker Plymouth HS, 1933
Margaret Luecker Plymouth HS, 1940
Beverly Lueder Plymouth HS, 1953
Delores Lueder Plymouth HS, 1941
Archibald Luedke Plymouth HS, 1914
Arnold Luedke Plymouth HS, 1919
Audrey Luedke Sheboygan HS, 1929
Barbara Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Donald Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Doris Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Douglas Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Elva Luedke Sheboygan HS, 1937
Gail Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Herman Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Julie Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Marsha Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1971
May Luedke Plymouth HS, 1913
Nancy Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Scott Luedke Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Wilma Luedke Sheboygan HS, 1935
David Luedtke Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Dennis Luedtke Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Kenneth Luedtke Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Armin Luehrs Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Carita Luehrs Sheboygan HS, 1937
Harriet Luehrs Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Marvin Luehrs Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Arlene Lueke Random Lake HS, 1938
Cora L. Lueloff Kiel HS, 1933
Elmer Lueloff Kiel HS, 1928
Leslie Lueloff Kiel HS, 1939
Marie A. Lueloff Kiel HS, 1933
Roma Lueloff Plymouth HS, 1910
Mark Luenzmann Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Scott Luenzmann Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Irene Luethge Sheboygan HS, 1935
Donald Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Esther Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Lawrence Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Lydia Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Marion Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Ruth Luft Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Darrell Lugg Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Donna Lugg Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Joan Lugg Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Julie Lugg Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Marlys Lugg Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Ronald Lugg Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Evelyn Luhman Sheboygan HS, 1920
Robert A. Luhman Sheboygan HS, 1912
Ruth A. Luhman Sheboygan HS, 1913
Frederic Luhmann Sheboygan HS, 1931
Glen Luhmann Sheboygan HS, 1937
Lorraine Luhmann Sheboygan HS, 1938
Roland Luhmann Sheboygan HS, 1915
Fern Luiken Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Barbara Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Christine Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Kathryn Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Mark Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Paul Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Susan Lukas Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Lenore Lukens Oostburg HS, 1954
George Lukich Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Heidi Lukich Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Helen Lukich Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Sherry Lukich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Robert Lukonen Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Barbara Lukos Sheboygan North HS, 1952
J. David Lukos Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Janet Lukos Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Charles Luksis Sheboygan HS, 1938
Nellie Luksis Sheboygan HS, 1933
Alphonse Lulloff Kiel HS, 1931
Alyce Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1938
Antonia Lulloff Kiel HS, 1936
Beatrice Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1936
Bernadette Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1937
Clarissa Lulloff Kiel HS, 1930
Cyril Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1934
Dorothy Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1936
Earl Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1935
Eric Lulloff Kiel HS, 1962
Lloyd Lulloff Sheboygan HS, 1934
Monica Lulloff Kiel HS, 1937
Norbert Lulloff Kiel HS, 1937
Paul Lulloff Kiel HS, 1931
Roman Lumme Plymouth HS, 1940
Margaret Lumsden Sheboygan Falls HS, 1926
Allen Lund Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Carol Lund Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Leslie Lund Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Lynne Lund Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Daun Lunde Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Sandra Lunde Sheboygan North HS, 1961
La Verne Lundman Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Arthur Lungwitz Sheboygan HS, 1933
Helen Lungwitz Sheboygan HS, 1929
Evelyn Lupinski Sheboygan Falls HS, 1945
Mary Ann Luteyn Oostburg HS, 1951
Deloris Lutgen Sheboygan Falls HS, 1947
Adele A. Luth Plymouth HS, 1906
Arno Luth Plymouth HS, 1919
Carol Luth Sheboygan Falls HS, 1949
Ida Luth Plymouth HS, 1914
Meta Luth Plymouth HS, 1910
William Luth Sheboygan Falls HS, 1942
John Luther Sheboygan HS, 1923
Shari Luther Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Bernardine Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Carl Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Charlotte Lutz Sheboygan HS, 1937
Doris Lutz Sheboygan HS, 1937
Enid Lutz Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Gerald Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1957
James Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Jo Ann Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Karen Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Kathleen Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Linda Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Marianne Lutz Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Mary Jo Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Michael Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Ralph Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Randall Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Richard Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1954
Richard Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Robert Lutz Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Robert Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Roselee Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Russell Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Terrance Lutz Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Thomas Lutz Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Alice Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Arthur Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1907
Barbara Lutze Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Barrie Lutze Kiel HS, 1968
Bernice Lutze Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Chas. T. Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1900
Cordelia Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1931
Edward Lutze Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Edward Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Elisabeth Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Elizabeth Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1934
Ernest Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1933
Fred Clement Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1900
Frederick Lutze Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Gertrude Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1928
Helen Lutze Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Henry Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1903
Hildegarde Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1933
Jean Lutze Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Margaret Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1929
Meribeth Lutze Howards Grove HS, 1964
Michael Lutze Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Patricia Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Perry Lutze Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Robert Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1935
Robert Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Robert Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Sophia Lutze Sheboygan HS, 1914
Steve Lutze Howards Grove HS, 1967
Tim Lutze Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Amy Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Carol Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1976
David Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Donald Lutzke Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Gerald Lutzke Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Gerry Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Mary Lutzke Kiel HS, 1962
Melvin Lutzke Kiel HS, 1931
Micheal Lutzke Howards Grove HS, 1967
Richard Lutzke Kiel HS, 1964
Scott Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Spencer Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Steven Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Stewart Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Timothy Lutzke Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Richard Lycan Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Winnogene Lycan Sheboygan HS, 1936
Bessie Lynch Sheboygan HS, 1906
Marie Lynch Plymouth HS, 1916
Mark Lynch Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Bette Lyon Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Helen Lyon Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Joyce Lyon Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Linda Lyon Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Lyman Lyon Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Sandra Lyon Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Debbie Lyons Sheboygan North HS, 1975
James Lyons Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Kathleen Lyons Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Leon Lyons Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Raymond Lyons Sheboygan HS, 1936
Ronda Lyons Sheboygan South HS, 1967

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