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Sheboygan Students - Oakley to Owens


Name Senior Year
Brian Oakley Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Harlan Obbink Oostburg HS, 1956
Judith Oberhuber Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Linda Oberhuber Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Roxann Oberhuber Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Ruth Oberhuber Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Victoria Oberhuber Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Andrea Oberle Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Debra Oberle Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Marcella Oberle Sheboygan HS, 1931
William Oberle Sheboygan HS, 1933
Kim Oberlies Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Judith Oberreich Plymouth HS, 1948
Otto Oberreich Plymouth HS, 1933
Pamela Oblenes Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Carol Obodowsky Sheboygan North HS, 1968
David Obremski Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Karen Obremski Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Kevin Obremski Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Harriett O'Brien Sheboygan HS, 1935
James O'Brien Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Kellie O'Brien Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Kevin O'Brien Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Mark O'Brien Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Mary O'Brien Sheboygan HS, 1938
Anna Ochs Sheboygan HS, 1933
Arnold Ochs Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Carol Ochs Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Esther Ochs Sheboygan HS, 1931
Helen Ochs Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Irene Ochs Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Janice Gay Ochs Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Laverne Ochs Kiel HS, 1948
Lynn Ochs Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Paul Ochs Sheboygan HS, 1936
Paul Ochs Sheboygan North HS, 1969
William Ochs Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Kathleen O'Connell Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Kathleen O'Connell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Dennis O'Connor Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Edward Odau Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Floyd Odau Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Barbara Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1942
Carol Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1940
Edith Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1939
Gloria Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1941
Jane Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1949
Joyce Odekirk Plymouth HS, 1946
Nancy O'Dell Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Alice O'Donnell Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Joseph L. O'Donnell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Maureen O'Donnell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Michael O'Donnell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Patricia O'Donnell Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Rita O'Donnell Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Ruth O'Donnell Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Teri O'Donnell Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Jean O'Driscoll Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Emma Oehlberg Sheboygan HS, 1933
Esther Oehlberg Sheboygan HS, 1938
Richard Oehlberg Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Robert Oehlberg Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Virginia Oehlberg Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Cheryl Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Donald Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Florence Oehldrich Sheboygan HS, 1934
James Oehldrich Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Jane Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Jean Oehldrich Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Judith Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Judith Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Kelly Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Kristine Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Lois Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Randall Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Richard Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Ronald Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Shirley Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Steven Oehldrich Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Alica Oehler Sheboygan HS, 1915
Jeanne Oehler Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Josephine Oehler Sheboygan HS, 1922
Karl Oehler Sheboygan HS, 1919
Othelie Oehler Sheboygan HS, 1924
June Oehmichen Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Donna Oehmke Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Doris Oehmke Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Joan Oesau Kiel HS, 1938
Gertrude Oesch Sheboygan HS, 1922
Annette Oetking Sheboygan HS, 1933
Bernice Oetking Sheboygan HS, 1931
Elizabeth Oetking Sheboygan HS, 1937
Frank George Oetking Sheboygan HS, 1908
Zelda Oetking Sheboygan HS, 1924
Brian Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Donna Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Glenn Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Glenn Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Leon Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Lois Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Mark Oetzel Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Michael Oetzel Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Myron Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Sharon Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Vivajean Oetzel Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Louisa A. Off Plymouth HS, 1882
Janis Ogea Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Robin Ogea Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Debora Oglan Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Sandra Oglan Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Carol Ognacevic Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Charles Ognacevic Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Patrick Ognacevic Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Peter Ognacevic Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Robert Ognacevic Sheboygan South HS, 1961
William Ognacevic Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Dorothy Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
George Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Jane Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Katherine Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Mary Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Rose Ognacevich Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Bonnie Ognavic Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Daniel Ognavic Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Peggy Ognavic Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Sally Ognavic Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Steve Ognavic Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Ann O'Grady Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Elizabeth O'Grady Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Jacqueline O'Grady Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Lawrence O'Grady Sheboygan HS, 1926
Michael O'Grady Sheboygan Falls HS, 1967
Patricia O'Grady Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Sharon O'Grady Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Ida O'Hara Sheboygan HS, 1914
Bob Ohlmetz Sheboygan HS, 1936
James Ohlschmidt Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Roman Ohlschmidt Sheboygan HS, 1931
Walter Ohlschmidt Sheboygan HS, 1932
Gerald Ohlsson Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Audrey Ohm Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Frank Ohm Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Judith Ohm Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Kathleen Ohm Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Margaret Ohm Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Mark Ohm Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Mary Ann Ohm Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Susan Ohm Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Donald Okcugil Sheboygan North HS, 1976
James Okcugil Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Audrey O'Keefe Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Brian O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Bruce O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1965
Diane O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Donna O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1979
James O'Keefe Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Karen O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Lori O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Pat O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Robert O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Tammy O'Keefe Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Christine Okolowicz Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Genyk Okolowicz Sheboygan South HS, 1967
John Okolowicz Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Karen Oksa Sheboygan Falls HS, 1953
Susan Oksa Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Michael Olafson Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Catherine Olander Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Donald Olander Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Martha Olander Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Michael Olander Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Lois Olchesky Plymouth HS, 1942
Marguerite B. Oldenberg Sheboygan HS, 1926
Barbara Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Carrie Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Connie Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Deanna Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Debra Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Diana Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Doris Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Dorothy Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Elizabeth Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Gail Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Harold Oldenburg Sheboygan HS, 1924
Hazel Oldenburg Sheboygan HS, 1924
Jack Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
James Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1959
James Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Jeffrey Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Jerome Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Judith Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Kathryn Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Kathy Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Kelly Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Linda Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Lori Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Lucille Oldenburg Sheboygan HS, 1932
Marguerite Oldenburg Sheboygan HS, 1927
Mark Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Mary Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Monica Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Nancy Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Raymond Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Renee Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Richard Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Richard Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Robert Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Robert Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Robert Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Robert Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Ruth Oldenburg Sheboygan HS, 1938
Ruth Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Sandra Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Sharon Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Susan Oldenburg Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Thomas Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1956
Tracy Oldenburg Sheboygan North HS, 1979
William Oldenburg Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
David Olderman Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Sharon Olderman Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Tom Olderman Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Wayne Olderman Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Charles Olen Sheboygan HS, 1935
Leo Olen Sheboygan HS, 1928
Bonnie Olesen Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Gene Olesen Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Elizabeth Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Kay Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Lucinda Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Mary Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Nancy Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Paul Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Vicki Oleson Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Cheryl Olig Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Dennis Olig Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Stan Olig Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Lori Oliversa Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Arline F. Olle Sheboygan HS, 1920
Mary Ann Olle Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Mildred Olle Sheboygan HS, 1925
Myrtle Olle Sheboygan HS, 1913
Patricia Olle Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Helen Olm Kiel HS, 1949
Kelly Olm Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Kenneth Olm Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Lana Olm Kiel HS, 1965
Paul Olm Kiel HS, 1964
Jeff Olmstead Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Kenneth Olmstead Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Larry Olmstead Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Lynn Olmstead Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Carrie Olmsted Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Debra Olmsted Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Roger Olmsted Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
John Olofson Sheboygan Falls HS, 1966
Robert Olschesky Plymouth HS, 1940
Barbara Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Gwen Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Jack Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1956
James Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
James Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Jani Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Janine Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Jeff Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1978
John Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Karen Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Lance Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Landa Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Lisa Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Lynn Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Mary Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Michael Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Randall Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Ruth Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Sandra Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Sara Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Susan Olsen Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Thomas Olsen Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Thomas M. A. Olsen Elkhart Lake HS, 1983
William Olsen Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Bernice Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Carl Olson Sheboygan HS, 1926
Craig Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Curtis Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Dan Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Debra Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Edward Olson Sheboygan HS, 1931
Estella Olson Sheboygan HS, 1935
Eva Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Irene Olson Sheboygan HS, 1918
Jackie Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Jane Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Jane Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Janice Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Jeffrey Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Joan Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Joanne Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
John Olson Sheboygan HS, 1934
Jon Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Joyce Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Kent Olson Kiel HS, 1962
Landa Carolina Olson Sheboygan HS, 1903
Leonard Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Lucille Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Margie Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Marlene Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Mary Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Merton Olson Sheboygan HS, 1937
Michelle Olson Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Nancy Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Roger Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Sherry Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Sonja Olson Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Wesley Olson Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Mary Olthoff Oostburg HS, 1970
Mary O'Malley Plymouth HS, 1935
Maureen O'Malley Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Mary Omsted Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Nils Omsted Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Patricia O'Neal Sheboygan South HS, 1983
David O'Neil Plymouth HS, 1941
Dennis O'Neil Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Ellen O'Neil Plymouth HS, 1910
George O'Neil Plymouth HS, 1953
Karen O'Neil Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Patrick O'Neil Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Robin O'Neil Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Sharon O'Neil Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Donald Oneson Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
William Oney Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Bonita Ongna Oostburg HS, 1968
Calvin Ongna Sheboygan Falls HS, 1944
Eugene Ongna Sheboygan Falls HS, 1948
Janice Ongna Sheboygan Falls HS, 1950
Thelma Ongna Oostburg HS, 1957
Virginia Ongna Oostburg HS, 1953
Betty Onnink Kiel HS, 1948
Janet Onnink Sheboygan Falls HS, 1951
Judith Onnink Oostburg HS, 1948
Lisa Onnink Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Lynn Onnink Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Rogene Onnink Sheboygan Falls HS, 1947
Ruth Onnink Sheboygan Falls HS, 1956
Beverly Oonk Sheboygan Falls HS, 1959
Frederic Oonk Oostburg HS, 1957
Mary Oonk Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Ronald Oonk Oostburg HS, 1967
Sharon Oonk Oostburg HS, 1967
Jeanette Oostdyk Sheboygan HS, 1934
Joan Oostdyk Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Leigh Oostdyk Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Mark Oostdyk Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Michael Oostdyk Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Peter Oostdyk Oostburg HS, 1953
Donald Oostdyke Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Lynn Oostdyke Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Mark Oostdyke Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Robert Oostdyke Sheboygan HS, 1938
Thomas Oostdyke Sheboygan South HS, 1964
William Oostdyke Sheboygan North HS, 1946
Gladys Oosterhous Plymouth HS, 1937
Ora Oosterhous Plymouth HS, 1908
Jessie M. Oosterhuis Waldo HS, 1916
Allan Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Allen Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Ardelle Opgenorth Sheboygan HS, 1929
Betty Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Carl Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Daniel Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1965
David Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1965
David Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Dean Opgenorth Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Earl Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Edna Opgenorth Sheboygan HS, 1917
Evelyn Opgenorth Sheboygan HS, 1923
Julie Opgenorth Sheboygan North HS, 1980
Larry Harvey Opgenorth Oostburg HS, 1957
Leroy Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Loren Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Lori Opgenorth Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Marian Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Marilyn Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Michael Opgenorth Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Rachel Opgenorth Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Ralph Opgenorth Oostburg HS, 1952
Richard Opgenorth Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Scott Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Shirley Opgenorth Oostburg HS, 1951
Terry Opgenorth Sheboygan Falls HS, 1970
Tom Opgenorth Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Aldona Opitz Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Bernard Opitz Plymouth HS, 1949
Carl Opitz Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Carol Opitz Sheboygan Falls HS, 1944
Diane Opitz Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Mark Opitz Elkhart Lake HS, 1982
Carol Oppeneer Oostburg HS, 1968
Constance Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Daniel Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Diane Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Frederick Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Gertrude Oppeneer Sheboygan HS, 1938
Helen Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
Joan Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
John Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Keith Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Kristen Oppeneer Sheboygan Falls HS, 1981
Mary Oppeneer Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Peter Oppeneer Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Steve Oppeneer Oostburg HS, 1971
Steven Oppeneer Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Thomas Oppeneer Oostburg HS, 1968
Viva Jean Oppeneer Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Bernice Opperman Sheboygan HS, 1934
Miriam Opperman Sheboygan HS, 1933
Arthur Optenberg Sheboygan HS, 1936
Clarence Optenburg Sheboygan HS, 1925
Barbara Opthof Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Sharon Opthof Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Joann Orcutt Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Boris Ordenez Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Dennis Ording Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Floyd Ording Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Patricia Ording Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Maurice O'Reilly Sheboygan HS, 1928
Dan Orem Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
Irene Orlebeck Sheboygan HS, 1930
Corine Orlebeke Sheboygan HS, 1922
Earl Orlebeke Sheboygan HS, 1927
Earl Orlebeke Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Richard Orlebeke Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Connie Orlenko Sheboygan North HS, 1969
James Orlenko Sheboygan North HS, 1970
John Orlenko Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Kathleen Orlenko Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Marie Orlenko Sheboygan HS, 1937
Phil Orlenko Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Gordon Orlik Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Lana Orlik Sheboygan North HS, 1976
Lori Ormson Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Randy Ormson Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Ruth Ormson Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Wilfred O'Rourke Plymouth HS, 1941
Willard O'Rourke Sheboygan North HS, 1943
David Orth Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Deloris Orth Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Gale Orth Kiel HS, 1948
James Orth Sheboygan North HS, 1985
Mary Orth Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Michael Orth Sheboygan North HS, 1956
Norbert Orth Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Richard Orth Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Kathleen Ortlieb Kiel HS, 1968
Gloria Osae-Addo Elkhart Lake HS, 1981
Ellen Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Francis Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Gordon Osborn Sheboygan HS, 1938
James Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1942
James Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Janet Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Jessica Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Kathryn Osborn Sheboygan HS, 1938
Marlon Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Otis Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Robert J. Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1970
Timothy Osborn Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Catherine Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Gail Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Jane Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Joseph Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Susan Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Theresa Osieczonek Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Barbara Jean Osier Sheboygan North HS, 1951
Dorothy Osius Plymouth HS, 1947
Lorna Osius Plymouth HS, 1949
Ruth Osius Plymouth HS, 1939
William Osius Plymouth HS, 1915
William Osius Plymouth HS, 1916
Don Ostergaard Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Glenn Ostergaard Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Alfred Osterhouse Plymouth HS, 1901
Allen Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Diana Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1963
Geraldine Ostermann Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Gerhardt Ostermann Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
LaVerne Ostermann Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Randall Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Renee Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Richard Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Robert Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Robin Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Rochelle Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Roger Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Ronald Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Ruth Ostermann Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Charles Osthelder Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Janice Osthelder Sheboygan HS, 1925
Robert Osthelder Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Robert Osthelder Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Robert J. Osthelder Sheboygan HS, 1927
Sarah Osthelder Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Shirley Osthelder Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Jean Oswald Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Joan Oswald Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Norman Oswald Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Albert Ott Sheboygan Falls HS, 1951
Constance Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
David Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Debbie Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Dennis Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Elizabeth Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Ellen Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Elmer Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Elroy Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Ervin Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Hazel Ott Plymouth HS, 1929
James Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Jeffrey Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1969
John Ott Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Joseph Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Judith Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Kathleen Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Kay Ott Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Kevin Ott Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Lawrence Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Leander Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Leigh Ott Sheboygan North HS, 1973
Mary Ott Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Mary Jane Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1953
Michael Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Monica Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Nancy Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Pamela Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Patricia Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Ralph Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Roger Ott Sheboygan Falls HS, 1945
Sylvin Ott Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Thomas J. Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Thomas M. Ott Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Allen Otte Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Andrew Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Barb Otte Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
Barbara Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1957
Beatrice Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Carl Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Carol Ann Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Clifford Otte Oostburg HS, 1950
Constance Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Cornelius Otte, Jr. Oostburg HS, 1948
Corrine Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Diane Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Donald Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1952
Donald Otte Oostburg HS, 1968
Doris K. Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Elsie Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Gary Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1954
Gerald Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1951
Gloria Otte Oostburg HS, 1957
Harriet Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Henry Otte Sheboygan HS, 1938
Henry Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1957
James Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1960
Jane Otte Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Janet Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Jean Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1945
Jeanette Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Jeannine Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1965
Josephine Otte Sheboygan HS, 1938
Judith Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Judy Otte Oostburg HS, 1970
Julie Otte Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Laurie Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1981
Linda Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Lois Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Margaret Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1950
Marie Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Mark Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Michael Otte Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Michael Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Peter Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1955
Phillip Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Rachel Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Robert Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Robert Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Roger Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Ronald Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Ruth Otte Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Sheila Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Thomas Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Tom Otte Sheboygan North HS, 1982
John Otteman Kiel HS, 1965
Vincent Otteman Kiel HS, 1965
Arthur Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1943
Charlotte Otten Sheboygan HS, 1933
Cindy Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1972
David Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Don Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Donald Otten Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Doris Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Duane Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Edith Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Elizabeth Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Eugene Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1953
Eunice Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1947
Geraldine Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Henry John Otten Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
James Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1957
Judith Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Karen Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Marjorie Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Mark Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Nancy Otten Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Richard Otten Sheboygan HS, 1938
Richard Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Rick Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1983
Robert Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Roger Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Roland Otten Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Ruben Otten Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Susan Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Thomas Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Vernon Otten Sheboygan North HS, 1948
Clarence Ottensman Sheboygan HS, 1926
Ray Ottensman Sheboygan HS, 1924
Anne Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Cheryl Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Diane Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Emil Ottensmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
James Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Jeri Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Leah Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Leroy Ottensmann Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Mildred Ottensmann Sheboygan HS, 1928
Paul Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Walter Ottensmann Sheboygan HS, 1932
William Ottensmann Sheboygan North HS, 1952
Darryl Ottman Sheboygan Falls HS, 1980
Rick Ottman Sheboygan Falls HS, 1982
Bernadine Otto Sheboygan HS, 1935
Cheryl Otto Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Deborah Otto Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Dolores Otto Sheboygan HS, 1937
Donald Otto Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Gilbert Otto Sheboygan HS, 1932
Glenn Otto Sheboygan HS, 1938
James Otto Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Kathy Otto Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Kenneth Otto Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Kenneth Otto Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Kenneth C. Otto Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Lester Otto Sheboygan HS, 1925
Lorraine Otto Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Peggy Otto Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Richard Otto Plymouth HS, 1956
Robert Otto Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Sally Otto Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Theodore Otto Plymouth HS, 1953
David Ourada Sheboygan North HS, 1977
David Ourada Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Gordon Ourada Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Jerome Ourada Sheboygan HS, 1936
Karen Ourada Sheboygan North HS, 1964
La Verne Ourada Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Ronald Ourada Sheboygan North HS, 1964
Shirlee Ourada Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Thomas Ourada Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Beatrice Overbeck Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Carl Overbeck Sheboygan HS, 1923
Caroline Overbeck Sheboygan HS, 1929
Dorothy Overbeck Sheboygan HS, 1931
Edward Overbeck Sheboygan HS, 1937
Florence Overbeck Sheboygan HS, 1936
James Overbeck Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Linda Overbeck Sheboygan North HS, 1961
Marjorie Overbeck Sheboygan North HS, 1939
Phyllis Overbeck Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Randall Overbeck Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Robert Overbeck Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Christopher Overson Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Mary Owen Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Michael Owen Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Shelly Owen Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Thomas Owen Sheboygan North HS, 1958
Todd Owen Sheboygan South HS, 1977
John Owens Sheboygan North HS, 1969
Linda Owens Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Sandra Owens Sheboygan North HS, 1977
Tammy Owens Sheboygan North HS, 1983
William Owens Plymouth HS, 1953

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