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Sheboygan Students - Ubbe to Uttech


Name Senior Year
Vibeke Ubbe Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Jeanette Ubbelhode Sheboygan Falls HS, 1945
Audrey Ubbelohde Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
C. W. Ubbelohde Plymouth HS, 1905
Darlene Ubbelohde Sheboygan North HS, 1954
Ethel Ubbelohde Sheboygan Falls HS, 1944
Gene Ubbelohde Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Glenn Ubbelohde Sheboygan Falls HS, 1966
Joan Ubbelohde Sheboygan North HS, 1951
Marilyn Ubbelohde Sheboygan Falls HS, 1950
Nancy J. Ubbelohde Sheboygan Falls HS, 1978
Paul Ubbelohde Sheboygan North HS, 1959
Peggy Lou Ubbelohde Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Robert Ubbelohde Sheboygan HS, 1938
Ruth Ubbelohde Sheboygan Falls HS, 1942
Robert Uchner Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Sharon Uchner Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Beatrice Udell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1951
Beverly Udell Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
Colleen Udell Sheboygan Central HS, 1949
Robert Udell Sheboygan Falls HS, 1950
Albert Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1947
Amolia Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Anton Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Barbara Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Carla Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1980
David Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Dean Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Debra Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Dennis Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1964
Diane Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1968
Gary Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Jack Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1976
James Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Jane Udovich Sheboygan North HS, 1966
Jill Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1972
JoAnn Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1963
John Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Joseph Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1942
Joseph Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Kenneth Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1983
Kevin Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Kim Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Kirk Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Leonard Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1959
Louis Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1946
LuAnn Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Mary Ann Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
Mary Jo Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Michelle Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Olga Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Patricia Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1961
Patrick Udovich Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Patti Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Richard Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1962
Robert Udovich Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Roxanne Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Sue Udovich Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Theodore Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1969
Therese Udovich Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Wendy Udovich Sheboygan South HS, 1974
Gerald Uecker Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Marilyn Uecker Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Phyllis Uecker Sheboygan North HS, 1962
Anastasia Uelman Sheboygan HS, 1935
Bruce Uhl Sheboygan North HS, 1955
Ray Uhl Sheboygan HS, 1924
Robert Uhl Kiel HS, 1965
Wilford Uhl Sheboygan HS, 1918
Doris Uhlig Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Karl Uhlig Sheboygan South HS, 1980
Sue Uhthoff Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Clara Ulbricht Plymouth HS, 1897
Minnie Ulbricht Plymouth HS, 1896
Oscar Ulbricht Plymouth HS, 1902
Gladys Ullrich Sheboygan North HS, 1941
Katherine Ullrich Plymouth HS, 1956
Minnie Ullruch Plymouth HS, 1895
Florence Ulrich Sheboygan HS, 1918
James Umbreit Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Keith Umbreit Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Merilyn Umbreit Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Robert Umbreit Sheboygan South HS, 1978
Charles Underhill Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Chris Underhill Sheboygan South HS, 1967
Craig Underhill Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Cynthia Underhill Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Gary Underhill Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Harriet Underhill Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Marion Underhill Sheboygan HS, 1938
Angela Unger Sheboygan Falls HS, 1983
Colette Unger Plymouth HS, 1953
David Unger Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Jeanice Unger Plymouth HS, 1937
Willette Unger Plymouth HS, 1940
Constance Unrein Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Margretta Uphoff Sheboygan Central HS, 1941
Milton Uphoff Sheboygan HS, 1937
Peggy Uphoff Sheboygan North HS, 1974
Roy Uphoff Sheboygan HS, 1933
Steven Uphoff Sheboygan North HS, 1972
Timothy Uphoff Sheboygan North HS, 1979
Viola Uphoff Sheboygan HS, 1931
Frances L. Urabec Sheboygan HS, 1932
Frank Urabec Sheboygan HS, 1921
John Urabec Sheboygan HS, 1924
Anton Uraynar Sheboygan Central HS, 1956
James Uraynar Sheboygan Central HS, 1960
Charles Urayner Sheboygan North HS, 1982
Frank Urayner Sheboygan North HS, 1963
Thomas Urayner Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Evelyn Urban Sheboygan Falls HS, 1944
Raymond Urban Sheboygan Falls HS, 1943
Ruth E. Urban Sheboygan HS, 1925
Doris Urbanic Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Michael Urbancic Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Michelle Urbancic Sheboygan South HS, 1970
Robert Urbancic Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Sylvia Urbancic Sheboygan Central HS, 1943
Doris Urbanic Sheboygan Central HS, 1940
Lois Urbanic Sheboygan HS, 1930
Anton Urbas Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Dan Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1976
John Urbas Sheboygan Central HS, 1944
John Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Lisa Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1983
LuAnn Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Stacy Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1984
Terri Urbas Sheboygan North HS, 1975
Douglas Urner Sheboygan Central HS, 1948
Maureen Urner Sheboygan North HS, 1968
Michael Urner Elkhart Lake HS, 1981
Paul Urner Sheboygan HS, 1932
Sandy Urner Sheboygan North HS, 1978
Steve Urner Elkhart Lake HS, 1982
Susan Urner Sheboygan North HS, 1971
Dorothy A. Usadel Sheboygan HS, 1930
Gilbert Usadel Sheboygan North HS, 1950
Glenn Usadel Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Harold Usadel Sheboygan HS, 1934
Helen Usadel Sheboygan HS, 1934
Joann Usadel Sheboygan Central HS, 1954
Kenneth Usadel Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Rita Usadel Howards Grove HS, 1966
Thomas Usadel Sheboygan Central HS, 1958
Wayne Usadel Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Dave Utech Sheboygan South HS, 1976
Debra Utech Sheboygan South HS, 1971
Pamela Utech Sheboygan South HS, 1979
Robert Utech Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Vickie Utech Sheboygan South HS, 1975
Charlotte Utecht Sheboygan Central HS, 1939
Laura Utecht Sheboygan South HS, 1966
Susan Utecht Sheboygan North HS, 1967
Delores Uttech Sheboygan North HS, 1949
Harold Uttech Sheboygan HS, 1931
Marcella Uttech Sheboygan North HS, 1940
Marguerite Uttech Sheboygan HS, 1934
Otto Uttech Sheboygan Central HS, 1945
Randall Uttech Sheboygan South HS, 1977
Richard Uttech Sheboygan South HS, 1972
Robert Uttech Sheboygan North HS, 1942
Roger Uttech Sheboygan South HS, 1973
Ruth Uttech Sheboygan North HS, 1944
Sheila Mae Uttech Sheboygan North HS, 1959

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