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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

John M. Brandl, Page 723


JOHN M. BRANDL, dealer in flour, feed, seeds and fruits at Sheboygan, belongs to one of the pioneer families of this county.  His parents, John and Waldeburga Brandl, were natives of Bavaria, Germany, both born near Straubing, the former June 21, 1821, and the latter March 27, 1827.  The father came to America in 1852, and the mother in 1854, being among the early settlers of Sheboygan, where their marriage was celebrated January 2, 1856.  When they arrived here wages were very low, and money decidedly scarce.  Mr. Brandl chopped cord-wood for T. M. Blackstock, at two shillings a cord, receiving in payment trade at a store.  All the money that was in the house during one winter was a one-cent piece.  Leaving his family in Sheboygan, Mr. Brandl went to work in the mines on Lake Superior, because he could get better wages there and be paid in cash.  He was compelled to walk all the way to the mines, as he had no money with which to pay his passage.  Although he was always an industrious and hard-working man, he never accumulated much property.  He was a Democrat in politics, and was a member of the Catholic Church, as is also his wife, who survives, making her home in the Evergreen City.  On the 9th of October, 1884, he passed away, leaving a family of seven children.  In order of birth they are as follows:  George, who runs a clothing establishment in the Chair City; Mary, who married Joseph Reisterer, of the same place; John, who comes next; Louis, who was lost in Chicago; Frank, who has charge of the paint ships of the Phoenix Chair Company; Joseph, who is a painter in the above-named shops; and Henry, who is a tailor in Sheboygan.

    John Brandl received a good education in the parochial schools, and in a business college of his native city.  At the age of thirteen years he commenced to learn the cigar-maker's trade, at which he worked six years, but on account of failing health he was forced to turn his attention to other pursuits.  During the thirteen succeeding years, he was employed in the shipping department of the Phoenix Chair Company.  In 1886 he quit that business to engage in his present calling, in company with Max Mueller.  They do a thriving business.  Mr. Brandl has charge of the buying and selling, while his partner looks after the outside work.

    Our subject is well known throughout the eastern part of the county, where his entire life has been spent.  He was born in Sheboygan, September 15, 1860, and has therefore been a resident of this city for over thirty-three years.  Here his marriage was celebrated November 23, 1891.  The lady of his choice, Miss Theresa Bartzen, is a native of Sheboygan, and a daughter of Peter Bartzen.  The young couple have one child, Raymond.  Mr. and Mrs. Brandl are members of the Catholic Church, and, in politics, he is a Democrat.  Mr. Brandl is connected with a number of societies, such as the Catholic Knights, the Sheboygan Gegenseitigen Arbeiter Unterstuetzungs Verein, the Young American Club, of which he has been President for four years, and the Evergreen City Gun Club.

    In his business and social relations, Mr. Brandl is courteous and agreeable, and by the exercise of these traits of character has won many warm friends.