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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Ferdinand Brehm, Page 389


FERDINAND BREHM is a native-born citizen of Sheboygan County, his birth having here occurred July 24, 1855.  He is a son of Jacob Brehm, a worthy pioneer of the county, whose full biography appears elsewhere in this volume.  Our subject was reared to agricultural pursuits, and possesses that industrious disposition which is one of the characteristics of the German race.  His home is on section 3, and he is one of the practical and enterprising farmers of Wilson Township.

    The education of Mr. Brehm was acquired in the common schools, where he obtained a good knowledge of both the English and German languages.  He was only sixteen years of age on starting out in life for himself.  Having carefully saved a certain sum of money, he concluded to first see a little of the country, and going to Chicago went from there to McLean Livingston and Knox Counties, Ill., and visited Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.  In 1872 and 1873, he served as scout under the famous Gen. Custer, going through the Dakotas and Black Hills.  He is a hunter of no mean repute.  While in the West, he met with two accidents.  He carries a bullet in his right thigh, and lost the two middle fingers of his left hand while hunting.  He is an affable and genial gentleman in manner, and always makes friends.  It was between the years of 1871 and 1874, inclusive, that he traveled so extensively in the West.  He went on horseback from Chenoa, Ill., to Colorado, in company with a young man from Syracuse, N. Y., visiting along the road, and pleasantly passing the time in this manner from July until October.  He possesses a vigorous constitution, and was thus able to stand many hardships.  Starting from Yankton, S. Dak., he once went on horseback to Minnesota, merely as a matter of pleasure.

    On his return home, Mr. Brehm married Miss Olga Drossel, who was born May 9, 1861, in this county, and is a daughter of Martin and Christiana Drossel.  The father was a native of Hamburg, Germany, but was reared in Moscow, Russia.  The mother was born in Saxony, Germany.  Mrs. Brehm is well educated in the English and German languages.  They were united in marriage September 6, 1879, and by their union have been born two sons and three daughters, namely:  Alvin, Ida May, Elsie, Jesse and Olga.  The mother has one brother, Ernest Drossel, who is a citizen of Sheboygan, and her sister Ida is the wife of Charles Mattenson, a farmer and stockman near South Charleston, Ohio.

    When our subject commenced his business career he had $2,000, and is now the possessor of ninety-four acres of desirable land.  From the fact that it is situated only a-half mile from the city limits, it is very valuable.  He has made many good improvements, and is now one of the most active and enterprising farmers of the township.  About the year 1884, he concluded to embark in a new enterprise, and started a cheese manufactory, which he has since been successful in conducting.

    In politics, Mr. Brehm is a Democrat, and is first vote was cast for Hon. S. J. Tilden.  He has been active in politics, but is not held by party prejudice, oftentimes voting for the man instead of the party.  He was Supervisor of Hull Township, Marathon County, for one year.  he has been Clerk of the School Board of Wilson Township for nine years, and is in favor of universal education for the masses, for in the rising generation lies the destiny of our nation.  He is a member of the Wilson Gun Club, which was incorporated under the laws of the State.  He was its Secretary for one year and is now one of the Directors.  As a man of honor and integrity and a representative farmer, we are glad to give Mr. Brehm's sketch a suitable place among the records of the respected citizens of Sheboygan County.