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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

A. B. Dixon, Page 382


A. B. DIXON.  Among the well-to-do farmers and worthy citizens of Sheboygan Falls Township is this gentleman, whose home is on section 25, where he has a valuable farm.  he is a native of Hebron, Washington County, N. Y., born September 28, 1835.  His parents were Elijah and Mary (Brown) Dixon, whose family numbered seven children, five of whom are living.  Homer B. is still in eastern New York, where he is engaged in farming; Mary is the wife of Robert Kukinion, who owns a large farm near Redfield, S. Dak.; Susan became the wife of Robert Gilchrist, a farmer, and Postmaster of Hartford, N. Y.; Jennie is the wife of Pierce Davis, who is a book-keeper in Rutland, Vt., being employed in a large foundry.

    Mr. Dixon whose name heads this sketch was reared on his father's farm, and remained at home until he was eighteen years of age, when he struck out for himself, having just four shillings to his name.  he engaged in the work of a commercial traveler, and has been employed as such, almost uninterruptedly, up to the present day.  he is now representing the Northwestern Carriage and Sleigh Company, and is well known in all parts of the State, and also in many of the large cities.

    In January, 1860, Mr. Dixon wedded Miss Anna Oatman, of Warren County, N. Y.  Four children have blessed their union:  Harriet, who is deceased; Jennie, wife of Allie McIntire, a farmer residing near Sheboygan Falls; Daisy, who is a successful school teacher; and E. B., who is at home with his parents, and is a bright boy of thirteen years, with the business ability of one much older.

    At the time of his marriage, Mr. Dixon was traveling in the Empire State, buying for and superintending the general business of a flax firm.  In January, 1867, he turned his face westward, and, coming to Wisconsin, purchased a farm just northeast of the city limits of Sheboygan Falls.  This is a tract of one hundred and eleven acres, and here he has practically made his home ever since.  In 1878, he purchased the Commercial House in Sheboygan Falls, and, with the exception of two years, has owned and operated the hotel and livery stable ever since.  He is recognized as a man of ability and enterprise in his various undertakings.  He has just finished a fine new residence, one of the best in the township.  In addition to running his hotel, he travels a great deal of the time, and conducts the business to the entire satisfaction of the firm.  

    Mr. Dixon is a man who holds himself above accepting small offices, and says that he prefers to lead an active business life to sitting in an office chair.  He is a sound Republican, and cast his first Presidential vote for Gen. John C. Fremont.  He was ready to enlist during the late war, but his services were not required.