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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Prof. Gustav G. Moehlmann, Page 259


PROF. GUSTAV G. MOEHLMANN, Principal of the German Lutheran School, which is connected with St. John's German Lutheran Church, at Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wis., has occupied his present position for the past nine years, or since 1884.  this school has enrolled during the school year of 1892-1893 one hundred and thirty pupils.  The branches of reading, writing, arithmetic and grammar are conducted in English, and those of religion, United States history, reading, writing, composition, grammar and singing in German, thus giving the pupil excellent opportunities for instruction in both the German and English languages.  Until the beginning of the school year of 1893-1894, Prof. Moehlmann was the only instructor.  At the beginning of the school year last mentioned, an assistant was employed,  Mrs. Jennie Wilson having been engaged for 1893.

    Prof. Moehlmann was born in St. Louis, Mo., march 28, 1865.  His father is C. H. Moehlmann, a native of Germany, as was his mother, who is deceased.  The father is now a resident of Illinois.  The subject of this sketch received his early education in a parochial school in St. Louis.  He entered the German College at Addison, Ill., in 1879, where he graduated five years later.  Immediately after his graduation, he received a call from the congregation at Plymouth, and has ever since been in charge of his present school.

    Prof. Moehlmann was married May 2, 1889, to Miss Minnie Kaufmann, daughter of Fred Kaufmann, an early settler of Sheboygan, where Mrs. Moehlmann was born November 14, 1867.  Her father is still a resident of the Chair City, but her mother is deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Moehlmann have two children, Clara and Gertrude.  Their second child, a son, John, died in early childhood.

    Prof. Moehlmann is a thoroughly educated gentleman, and a successful educator.  The school ahs increased since he came from about seventy pupils to one hundred and thirty, which increase made necessary a new building in 1893, and an assistant teacher, as above stated.