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 From the Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wis., 1898:

Adolph Preussler, Page 705


ADOLPH PREUSSLER, Treasurer of the Sheboygan Novelty Company, was born in Schlesing, Germany, February 10, 1847, and is a son of Ernst and Caroline Preussler, whose sketch is given in connection with that of Robert Preussler.  With his parents young Adolph came to the United States, and was chiefly reared on a farm near Plymouth, this county.  In boyhood his schooling was very limited, but, feeling the supreme need of a better education, he did what few men ever do--after marriage he betook himself to study, and during two winters that a teacher boarded at his house and assisted him, he applied himself diligently, becoming as well informed as the teacher in certain branches.  The date of his marriage was May 15, 1869.  From this it will be seen that he acquired most of his knowledge from books, after he was twenty-two years of age.

    The lady of his choice was Miss Lena, a daughter of Albert and Lottie (Labudde) Gohr.  Mrs. Preussler was born in Prussia, Germany, December 12, 1852, and in 1858 sailed with her parents from Hamburg to New York, taking over five weeks to make the voyage.  After living two years in Milwaukee, they located on a farm near Plymouth, this county.  Mr. Gohr was a shepherd by occupation in the Fatherland.  He died in 1889, at the age of sixty-five years.  His wife, who has reached the same age, lives in Plymouth.  In religious faith, both held that of the Evangelical Church.  Politically, Mr. Gohr was a Republican.  Of their nine children, only two live, John, who resides in Plymouth, and Lena.

    Until 1881 Mr. Preussler continued to farm, but in that year joined his brother Robert in the manufacture of furniture in Plymouth, and since then their interests have been united.  For a fuller account of their business career, see sketch of Robert Preussler.  In 1890 our subject moved to Sheboygan, and assisted in organizing the Sheboygan Novelty Company, of which he has since been Treasurer.

    Pr. Preussler is a Republican in politics, and his wife is a consistent member of the Congregational Church.  Their family consisted of three children.  Albert E., who was educated in the Plymouth High School and in the Sheboygan Business College, is a competent book-keeper.  After keeping the books of the Sheboygan Novelty Company two and a-half years, failing health caused him to leave the office and go on the road as traveling salesman for the same company.  Alfred, the second son and a bright boy, died in his fifteenth year.  Robert died in childhood.

    Mr. Preussler, like his brother, has naught to thank for his success save an active brain and a pair of willing hands.